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Different Parenting Styles by Cascia T. Posted Fri 21 Oct 2011 12:56pm By:Penelope Guzman Opposites attract, and that is probably why my very masculine husband is a great fit for girly, nurturing me. We have a son who knows exactly who to turn to when he wants specific... Please visit The Healthy Moms Magazine for the complete article. Read on »
TEST: Discover Your Parenting Style by Elizabeth .. Posted Tue 17 Mar 2009 3:08am In case you are not aware of what kind of parenting style you have, offers a new Web application that can explain it to you in big, fancy words. The application, designed by a bunch of PhD types with Signal Patterns, offers “new insight into the rich complexities of parenting approaches far beyond relaxed/strict descriptions and is ... Read on »
Strict, Lax, or Flexible Parenting Styles? by Dr. Kalea Chapman Doctor of Psychology Posted Wed 03 Dec 2008 1:44pm 1 Comment Popular, popular, popular. For some reason, this is consistently the most popular post on this blog.  I guess there are a lot of parents out there with questions. Perhaps it’s that parents, lacking a clear sense of what is the “right” way to parent, turn to books. Unfortunately parenting books so often tell you that there is only one way to p ... Read on »
Post Exchange- Choosing a Parenting Style by Cascia T. Posted Sat 23 Aug 2008 3:11pm This is my first of hopefully a series of post exchanges with my readers. Shen-Li from Babylicious wrote a detailed article about parenting styles and what she would have done differently during her baby, Gavin's first year. It is tough being a parent. I have three children and they are all very different and require different parenting ... Read on »
Parenting styles by Pink Lemonade .. Patient Expert Posted Thu 09 Apr 2009 6:48pm When deciding to have a baby, our minds often fill with idealistic thoughts of daddy playing ball with his little boy, or mommy baking cookies with her little girl, cheeks dusted in flour. We envision peaceful family dinners where everyone sits and talks about their day. What we don’t envision is the times of conflict, discipline and other strugg ... Read on »
Parenting styles- does culture effect the incidence of autism? by Maddy M. Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 9:40pm I may have deviant children but their problems are exacerbated, indeed caused, by their parentage. Autistic children shouldn’t be cursed with British parents, they should be nurtured by American ones, or failing that, Italian would do. If I had different children, I would be a perfect parent, or at least a perfect British parent. My children ... Read on »
On brain development, socioeconomic status and parenting styles by Alvaro F. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 02 May 2014 12:16pm Rich Man, Poor Man: Socioeconomic Adversity and Brain Development  (Cerebrum): “..While early exposure to additional languages or music may lead to beneficial changes in brain development, early adversity can likewise have important but detrimental effects on the brain. For example, by 10 years of age, family SES is an excellent predictor ... Read on »
Mother’s Parenting Style, Child’s Temperament Predict Later Childhood Behavior by Jeremiah D. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Fri 03 Oct 2008 12:51pm The research addressed in this article indicates that how a mother interacts with her child in its first year, as well as the child’s temperament, can predict later conduct issues. Over 1,800 infants were assessed in their first year, both in terms of temperament (activity level, fearfulness, fussiness, general happiness), as well as the mother ... Read on »
Heart Disease Prevention - How Is Parenting Style Linked To Child Obesity? by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert Posted Mon 28 Jul 2014 2:58am Among many others, unhealthy diet with plenty of saturated fat and lack of physical activities are always being accused as the main culprits that cause the obesity epidemic. Recently, researchers from McGill University and Concordia University identified another link that could lead to childhood obesity - parenting style. Read more @ Heart Diseas ... Read on »
Your Parenting Style May Affect Your Teen’s Driving by RaisingTeens Posted Tue 20 Oct 2009 12:00am Oct 20, 2009 by Joe Keenan | Categories , , , , Parents have a big impact on the safety of teen drivers, according to an article in Healthday which highlights two recent studies published in the journal Pediatrics last month. Parents who set rules and boundaries , and follow up on these rules, seem ... Read on »