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Better Mothering Through Oxytocin? by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:26pm Oxytocin may attain more visibility in both hormonal and behavioral therapy in the near future, following a recently released essay discussing the effects of the hormone itself and of regulator chemicals that can greatly modify behavior. Pharyngula summarizes and discusses some of the findings. Normally recognized for its effect on moth ... Read on »
Execs and oxytocin by Sam .. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Thu 30 Oct 2008 3:23pm 1 Comment Unbeknown to me, an article about Cuddle Party was in the FT this weekend - so word is out to 434,000 more, including 23.5% of chief executives in the UK and readers who spend an average of £672 when buying a watch (so say the facts in the FT circulation info!).  You can have a read here.. ... Read on »
Is oxytocin the new Viagra? by Nicci T. Health MavenFacebook Posted Sat 14 Apr 2012 6:02am Several news stories out this week claiming that the hormone oxytocin could be the new Viagra. The  Daily Mail  tells us ‘Oxytocin: Forget Viagra, the ‘cuddle drug’ could be the new way to boost performance in the bedroom’. A bit premature given that the study results are based on one man rather than a clinical trial. Still, the science is inte ... Read on »
Chronic Intranasal Oxytocin Causes Long-Term Impairments in Partner Preference Formation in Male Prairie Voles by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Sun 21 Oct 2012 10:46am There is a great deal of discussion here and elsewhere about alternative medicine and it’s application to autism. If one points out that a specific therapy is poorly founded in facts and/or not completely tested, a common response is that one is “anti-cure” “anti-treatment” or the like. Safety issues, always at the forefront to the point of m ... Read on »
Effects of intranasal oxytocin on social anxiety in males with fragile X syndrome by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 29 Aug 2011 6:15pm There have been a few papers in the recent past on oxytocin and autism. Oxytocin is a hormone and is considered to have a rule in social cognition. Fragile-X is a syndrome which results in autism or autistic-like symptoms. As such, it isn’t surprising that someone has looked into oxytocin and Fragile-X. This study comes out of Stanfor ... Read on »
Research on the role of oxytocin... by Thomas Z. Rams√ły Doctor of Philosophy Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 3:33pm Research on the role of oxytocin, a neuropeptide, in social cognition has generated much interest during the last few years. We have earlier written about oxytocin’s role in social attachment; together with vasopressin, another neuropeptide, oxytocin is thought to be critical for linking social signals to structures in the mesolimbic part of ... Read on »
Cesareans and Oxytocin by Kathryn H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 5:05pm I wanted to share the below article as food for thought.  When I read the line, "maybe C-section moms may make up for it ( it being the release of oxytocin ) later with normal cuddling and hugging and nursing ," I thought, wow, that is exactly how I felt about my first birth.  I instinctively sensed that something had been interrupted during Kh ... Read on »
Like Oxytocin For Chocolate by Kim C. Patient Expert Posted Sat 23 Aug 2008 10:33pm I was just speaking with a pregnant mom who was beating herself up for her chocolate cravings and hunger level in general. She's fit and quite slim, but her current care provider (wrongly) suggested to her that pregnant women should gain no more than 20 - 25 pounds ...well, that's a topic for another day, but I assured her that she should not b ... Read on »
Oxytocin, ergometrine & prostaglandins - drugs given in labor - reduce breastfeeding rates? by AtYourCervix Patient Expert Posted Fri 13 Nov 2009 10:00pm Drugs Routinely Given in Labor Reduce Breastfeeding Rates By Will Boggs, MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Nov 12 - Several drugs often given during labor reduce breastfeeding rates, say researchers from the UK in the November BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. On the other hand, inhaled nitrous oxide during labor ... Read on »
Oxytocin, high-fives, and performance by pathologystudent Posted Thu 25 Feb 2010 11:39am Okay, so this post is more about being a student than it is about the study of pathology. Bear with me: there is important information here! Of the two hormones produced by the posterior pituitary (oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone), the more interesting by far is oxytocin. Called the “cuddle hormone,” it has been shown to mediate tr ... Read on »