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Side Effect: Oral Thrush by Lauren B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 27 Aug 2008 8:33am Candida albicans is the Latin term for thrush. Thrush is a yeast-like naturally occurring fungus found in the body's mouth and digestive system. A healthy body with a good balance of beneficial bacteria is able to keep thrush from becoming overly productive and causing infection. When the body's chemistry is changed from illness or infection, the ... Read on »
Oral Thrush by Sandy Patient Expert Posted Fri 22 May 2009 11:44pm I recently received an e-mail from a patient in regards to an infection she developed in her mouth due to her (MDI) Metered dose inhaler. I think this is an important topic to talk about so all of us using MDI's can be extra careful. This infection is called "Thrush". It is a yeast infection of the muc ... Read on »
Oral Thrush by Dr. Ellie Phillips Posted Tue 22 Mar 2011 12:03pm Hi, Dr. Ellie, My problem is that I developed oral thrush six months after starting to use xylitol (‘Perfect Sweet, 100% granulated xylitol) and it is proving to be very difficult to get rid off. I have had it for almost three months. I haven’t been ill, apart from a mild dose of flu at Christmas; I haven’t been on antibiotics and I ha ... Read on »
Oral Thrush by Whidbeywoman Posted Thu 25 Aug 2011 12:00am Ron mouth sores are so bad now, he can't eat anything. About all he can tolerate is drinking Ensure at room tempeture. I suspect that he will lose a lot of weight from this. The past two nights Ron got little sleep. The pain kept waking him up.  So today he conferred with the Oncologist. It turns out Ron has oral thrush . Thrush is the common ... Read on »
Pure coconut oil - Alternative solution for oral thrush in babies by Dr.Savitha Suri Posted Mon 18 Mar 2013 3:22pm Breast milk is a treasure house of nutrients and immunity building components.   These nutrients keep babies healthy. Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. Exposure to antibiotics (either by the child or a breastfeeding mother), yeast on nipple, yeast infection in birth canal of mother etc   can cause thrush. If baby is on antibiotics, it ... Read on »
Oral Thrush by Dr. Ellie Phillips Posted Tue 22 Mar 2011 12:00am Dr. Ellie, How long should we rinse with Closys, Listerine and Act? Are you saying no water rinse after brushing w/ toothpaste? A Dear A: The mouth rinses serve different purposes and so they are used accordingly: Closys is creating "oxygen bubbles" (not exactly - but concept is this) so give it a little tim ... Read on »
Finally, An Answer (Maybe??) by Colleen Posted Sat 06 Aug 2011 12:34am Thursday I was discussing this situation with my sister, and I brought up how I was wondering what the heck was still going on with my tongue. I told her I wasn't really sure now if it was the pill that was the culprit, considering it's been 2 months of not taking it, and I wanted to chop off my tongue on Tuesday b/c it was hurting so bad. I said ... Read on »
God's Blessings During Colic, Thrush and Baby Transition by Jamala .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 05 May 2009 4:35pm 1 Comment This picture pretty much has summed up my nights and early mornings over the last week or so. Out of nowhere it seems that Gracie developed a touch of colic, and a horrid case of oral thrush. When I say horrid, I mean horrid and it seems to have came out of nowhere and rapidly developed over the weekend. Needless to say she was one unha ... Read on »
Oral Yeast Infection – Thrush by Mike V. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 06 Nov 2008 11:40pm 2 Comments An oral yeast infection in the mouth of infants and adults is called “thrush.” It is usually caused by the tiny yeast called Candida albicans. It appears as thick white lacy patches that can form anywhere inside the mouth, including the tongue or palate. If the white patches are scraped away, the area underneath will be red and may bleed. Occ ... Read on »
Thrush Treatment – What You Need to Know by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Fri 19 Apr 2013 8:29am Women have it way easier at work than men do. I've seen this for myself a number of times. And why? It's just so easy for them to get off work when guys keep making clumsy excuses that you can easily see through. Now, you might wonder as to how this is possible, and so for your benefit, use these two magic words (if you're a woman, ... Read on »