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Pregnancy Tests by Mary R. Posted Tue 02 Dec 2008 11:46am How do pregnancy tests work? Pregnancy tests look for a special hormone in the urine or blood that is only there when a woman is pregnant. This hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), can also be called the pregnancy hormone. The pregnancy hormone, hCG, is made in your body when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus. This usually ha ... Read on »
Pregnancy Test Giveaway by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 21 Sep 2009 10:14pm 5 Comments I am not trying to get pregnant. Me and my birth control pills are tight. We're like BFFs. Or at least BFUNSATE (best friends until next September at the earliest). Yeah, we're THAT close. Last cycle, my period was a huge no-show. Which is rude. Because I totally took my pill every single day that month. I think. Pretty much. Ok, whatever. ... Read on »
The 10 Messages That Your Body Sends To Say - “You’re Pregnant!” by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 30 Dec 2008 12:48am by Carol Barker Well are you pregnant or aren’t you? It is sometimes hard to know. Your body may not be doing anything different for a week or two after you’ve missed your first period. It’s pretty hard to keep hold of when you’re “meant” to be on - especially if your cycle isn’t always spot on. We have also forgotten to listen to our bodie ... Read on »
How Soon Can I Do A Pregnancy Test ? by Ahmad.H Posted Sat 05 May 2012 4:47pm This is a common question for women in the childbearing age and it involves a lot of physiological details that i will try to simplify in the rest of this article. Answer: A woman can do a pregnancy test from the first day of her missed period. Concept:  Pregnancy tests will measure the presence of pregnancy hormone known as Human C ... Read on »
Want To Find Out If You Are Pregnant, Use A Pregnancy Test by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Dec 2008 1:51am 1 Comment by Janet Owen Pregnancy tests known as HPTs for those that are taken at home are the most common way for women to discover that they are pregnant. It used to be that women went to a doctor’s office and had a blood test to find out if they were pregnant or not. That is not to say that it still doesn’t happen that way, because it does. Women who ... Read on »
Infertility Terms - making sense of the jargon ! by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 06 Apr 2009 11:44pm All this may be TMI, but if you need to talk to your GYN, or help your DH make sense of what your RE is saying, this is a useful crib sheet ! This is from the book How to Have a Baby: Overcoming Infertility by Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, MD and Dr. Anjali Malpani, MD. Abortion: the medical term for miscarriage. The various types include: ... Read on »
MISCARRIAGE (HABITUAL ABORTION); HOW TO PREVENT IT WITH HOMEOPATHY by Dr. Fasil M. Posted Sat 21 Jan 2012 6:54am        A miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion, is a pregnancy loss that occurs prior to 20 weeks gestation. Most miscarriages occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (first trimester). A miscarriage is a naturally occurring and involuntary event in which the fetus and placenta are separated from the uterine wall. ... Read on »
Not pregnant? Then you have cancer! by Kymberli Patient Expert Posted Sun 11 Jan 2009 5:45pm In June of 2004, I had a single FET with my first set of IPs. Unfortunately, it resulted in a chemical (positive tests/negative beta). I stopped all meds, started bleeding six days later, then had not full periods, but two days of exaggerated spotting for the each next three months. The spotting came every 28-30 days, which for me was a marked ... Read on »
Time Warp Tuesday: Putting the P(ee) in Hope by Keiko Zoll Health Impact Award Posted Tue 09 Oct 2012 1:18pm This post is part of Time Warp Tuesdays hosted by Kathy at Bereaved and Blessed . The second Tuesday of every month, we dig into our archives and find a post that relates to this month’s theme and reflect on how we’ve grown. This month’s theme is hope. Swing by Kathy’s blog today to see who else is participating and join in the fun! ... Read on »
Abbreviations Used in the world of Infertility, Surrogacy and Egg Donation by Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 12:20am      I thought that since we all use abbreviations in the world of Infertility, Surrogacy and Egg Donation I would post a partial list here. Yes, it is PARTIAL! If you have anything to add, I would be more then happy to do so. 2WW = 2-Week Wait AF = Aunt Flo (menstruation) AH, AZH = Assisted Hatching AHI = At-home Inseminati ... Read on »