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Is Your Anger Giving You Stomach Cramps? by Dr. Jeanette Posted Thu 29 Oct 2009 11:38am Looking Forward To Warm Moments Preparing for her younger sister’s visit put some pep into Faith’s steps. Her sister was the one member of her family that she kept in touch with. She had long since given up on getting her mother and stepfather to approve of her life choices. Cutting herself off from their judgment and disapproval had been difficu ... Read on »
Cold feet and Stomach Cramps by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor Posted Wed 16 Sep 2009 10:21pm 1 Comment ColdFeet My mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 5/2008 has been receiving chemo treatments since last May. For the last month she has been experiencing stomach cramps with any intake of food or liquid. After approx 30 minutes her stomach settles down and she is ok. In addition her feet feel very cold to her but are warm to the to ... Read on »
Eating Before Swimming Won't Cause Stomach Cramps by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:03pm 1 Comment If you are going to exercise vigorously for more than an hour, you need to eat before you exercise or your muscles and liver will run out of sugar and you will tire earlier. Your brain gets more than 98 percent of its energy from sugar in your bloodstream. But there is only enough sugar in your bloodstream to last three minutes. So you liver h ... Read on »
Stomach cramps by Theresa Posted Tue 30 Jun 2009 5:51pm On Saturday I experiened some severe stomach cramps. I began the day still constipated (four days!) - this has been a typical experience after each of my band adjustments, presumably because of the lack of fibre consumed while on fluids and mush. I decided some serious action was needed and took several measures to deal with the situation in a mu ... Read on »
Can sports drinks cause stomach cramps? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 8:12pm A study from the Netherlands shows that sugar in sports drinks slows absorption and increases stomach cramping in running races shorter than 12 miles. Fluids pass through your stomach and are absorbed almost immediately in your intestines. Exercise slows fluid passage from the stomach but does not affect intestinal absorption. Sugar added to dr ... Read on »
Probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri may help stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 09 Jun 2010 12:00am - Canadian researchers have shown that a specific strain of the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri decreases the force of muscle contractions in the gut within minutes of exposure. This bacterium naturally occurs in the gut of many mamma ... Read on »
Can Overeating Cause Cramps? by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Thu 29 Apr 2010 1:17am Your stomach hurts badly! You are experiencing stomach cramps. There are several things that can actually cause stomach cramps – and you definitely want to figure out what is causing this cramping and how to make it go away. You may wonder if overeating really causes the stomach muscles to cramp. In fact it does. What is a Stomach Cr ... Read on »
Seasonal Flu vs. Stomach Flu by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Jun 2009 4:40pm People often get confused about the differences between the flu, or influenza, and the stomach flu. These are actually two completely different, and unrelated, illnesses. The true flu is caused by the influenza virus and causes mostly upper respiratory problems. The "stomach flu" can be caused by a number of viruses and causes gastrointes ... Read on »
Gastro Enteritis Treatment by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Jun 2009 4:40pm Gastro-entritis is an acute inflammation of the lining of the stomach and small bowel. It usually caused by infection from contaminated food or water. The disease affects both children and adults alike. Symptoms of Gastro Enteritis: Gastro-entritis usually begins suddenly with a feeling of nausea and abdominal cramps, followed by vomi ... Read on »
Causes of Severe Abdominal Cramps by itoldyouiwassick Posted Fri 22 Feb 2013 8:37pm Does your stomach hurt almost all the time? Chronic lower belly pain is so common these days, most people think it’s normal. It’s only when the abdominal cramps become severe that they begin to worry it could be something serious. Here are some common causes of abdominal pain. Constipation Constipation is a number one cause of chronic l ... Read on »