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Overweight and Obese Teens Have Overweight/Obese Friends by Linda Posted Sat 18 Jul 2009 12:00am A recent study done at USC shows that overweight/obese teens are twice as likely to have overweight/obese friends than normal weight teens. The researchers also found that overweight girls were more likely to name more friends, but less likely to be named as a friend than normal-weight girls. The link between obesity and social networks was ex ... Read on »
Wow, researchers find that you can catch obesity from your friends sort of like the cold by Roman M. Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Nov 2010 10:49am "It looks like obesity is becoming more infectious," said Alison Hill, a graduate student at Harvard and the Harvard-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Before you starting writing any comments, please let us explain. So no, you can't literally catch obesity like a virus, but the ... Read on »
New Evidence For Link Between Obesity And Friends by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Sat 14 Jul 2012 2:54pm From The Loyola University Health System….. A Loyola study of high school students provides new evidence that a person’s circle of friends may influence his or her weight. Students were more likely to gain weight if they had friends who were heavier than they were. Conversely, students were more likely to get trimmer — or gain weight at ... Read on »
Another Downside to Obesity for Teens: Fewer Friends by Medline Plus Posted Thu 15 May 2014 4:00pm Study found rejection by normal-weight peers was common Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Obesity in Children , Teen Mental Health Read on »
Obesity At Young Age by suzette Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Dec 2011 12:16am The other day when waiting at Dr. Chin (pead) clinic, I managed to catch some video interviews with the experts whom I have missed meeting at Bora Asrama earlier this year. Got me so excited, coz I missed that dinner discussion although I had the materials they presented at that session. Here are what I got from Youtube on the videos to sh ... Read on »
65 Million MORE Obese People? by Dr. Lynn Dorman Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Sun 02 Oct 2011 3:09pm   According to some recent surveys, there will be 65 million more obese U.S. citizens by 2030 and 11 million more in the U.K. I've written books , articles , and blog posts on the obesity epidemic and this is scary! The epidemic is not slowing down! It means more obesity-related illnesses, more obese children, and more [a ... Read on »
Is Obesity Contagious? by Matt M. Patient Expert Posted Fri 19 Nov 2010 8:21pm A new study shows that having obese friends increases a person's odds of being obese.  In this way, obesity could be thought of as contagious via a person's social network.  This doesn't seem too far-fetched that one person's eating and exercise habits could affect a friend's. While all this seems plausible (and probable), I would put for ... Read on »
Obesity Could Be Contagious, Researchers Find by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:35pm Note from Connie: Wow! You've got to read this item! You'll get one more reason to choose your friends very wisely: obesity may be catching!  You see, when people pack on pounds, chances are that their friends, siblings and spouse will gain weight, too. So says a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Karen James gives you the scoop. ... Read on »
A New Study Calls Obesity "Socially Contagious" by woodspg Posted Thu 26 Jul 2007 12:00am According to a new study published in the July issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, obesity is now considered to be "socially contagious." Researchers from Harvard University and University of California (San Diego) suggest that obesity can be spread person to person - what they term socially contagious. The study goes on to say that if ... Read on »
Obesity Rates Will Reach 42 Percent by Medline Plus Posted Thu 04 Nov 2010 1:34pm Thursday, November 4, 2010    By Julie Steenhuysen CHICAGO (Reuters) - Americans will keep growing fatter until 42 percent of the nation is considered obese, and having fat friends is part of the problem, researchers said on Thursday. The pre ... Read on »