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Throbbing Head to Toe... by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 12 Jan 2011 8:42pm I just got home from my busiest day since my vacation and my head is throbbing, a little, but my left foot is definitely throbbing!!!!!  I had my DR appt this morning which was a little helpful.  They are going to try to get me approved for an MRI, which I didn't think they could do, but they can.  They are also helping out with the Medi-cal shar ... Read on »
Symptoms of Mycotoxicosis by Andrea Fabry Patient Expert Posted Fri 07 Aug 2009 12:07pm Mycotoxicosis is our diagnosis. It is defined as "poisoning caused by ingestion of a mycotoxin." We ingested three types (at least) of mycotoxins in our home. Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Trichothecenes. The following is an excerpt of an article written by Susan Lillard-Roberts who heads up the mold-help website. Our family of 11 experie ... Read on »
PFO and CardioSeal info by David D. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 29 Sep 2008 5:40pm Source: Patent Foramen Ovale Your septum The septum is the muscular wall separating the heart into the left and right sides. The atrial septum is the wall separating the atria (the two upper chambers). The ventricular septum is the wall separating ... Read on »
"Mistletoe and Wine" ~ Cliff Richard by Clueless C. Health Maven Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:18pm This is one of my favorite Christmas songs sung and written by one of my favorite artists. I hope you enjoy it. Mistletoe and Wine by Cliff Richard The child is a king, the carollers sing, The old has passed, theres a new beginning. Dreams of santa, dreams of snow, Fingers numb, faces aglow. Christmas time, m ... Read on »
Is your brain too big or is your head too small? by Caroline Patient Expert Posted Sun 07 Sep 2008 8:01pm Not as catchy, is it? I have read with interest lately in so many places people referring to cm as their brain being too big. It is the title of blogs, t-shirts and newspaper articles "Woman facing delicate surgery because brain too big for skull 11-04-2007" is the title of a recent news article about Julie Carter http://www.myplainview.c ... Read on »
Blind by Stuart G. Patient Expert Posted Fri 21 Nov 2008 4:26pm Night shift: Four calls; all by ambulance. Stats: 1 eTOH; 1 ?TIA; 1 Unwell baby; 1 Assault with eye injury. Sundays tend to be quieter and I took advantage of the downtime at the station. I might as well because every weekend from now until next year will gather momentum in terms of call volume. We are taking around 4,000 a day at the mom ... Read on »
Understanding & coping with Multiple Sclerosis by stuart Patient Expert Posted Tue 17 Nov 2009 10:20pm By Kumudini Hettiarachchi Many have heard the tongue-twister, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but given it scant thought. Did you know that MS, a chronic neurological disease, affects young adults in the prime of their life, in their 20's and 30's, a majority of whom may be breadwinners? Considered a "special disease" since 1868, when the first case ... Read on »
what a difference a day can make by Krista L. Patient Expert Posted Wed 06 Jun 2012 12:32pm Boys.  Beware.  This is probably not a post you want to read..   Not my typical allthingstraining post, but hey it is my blog and after THIS post, I suppose anything is fair game? Here we go.  So, as a girl we as athletes (ok, everyone really), have that monthly pain in the ass thing we have to deal with.  It's just life.  I'm fairly lucky as ... Read on »
Nut Butter Heaven + Protein Cake by Tamzin Posted Fri 19 Mar 2010 2:32pm Hello!!!!!!! What a great day to start my 4 off, everything just seem to go my way it was fab! I woke up today and just felt so happy even the fog didn't get me down. I had the best breaky too. Blueberry oats with soya yogurt and tahini. I also put some crystallized ginger in for an extra zing, so good! I dyed my hair while breakfa ... Read on »
Flying by Erin Patient Expert Posted Fri 14 Jan 2011 7:24am Time seems to be flying right by, and I see it's been several months since my last post. Again. *sigh* We made it through the holidays once again, and the kids all seemed to be happy with what Santa brought. As they get older, their lists of "wants" gets more and more expensive. This year, they each got one major gift, then just some small ... Read on »