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Pyongyang says it needs nuclear weapons because of what it calls a hostile U.S by Caoimhe Posted Wed 20 Mar 2013 1:49am Outside nuclear specialists believe North Abercrombie Madrid Korea has enough nuclear material for several crude bombs, but they have yet to see proof that Pyongyang can build a warhead small enough to mount on a missile. The North, however, may be able to help other countries develop nuclear expertise right now, as it is believed to have done in t ... Read on »
Nuclear Weapons – Steroids by Andrew Posted Thu 05 Nov 2009 12:00am The first thing one must discuss when the topic of steroids and RA comes up is that there is a big difference between anabolic and corticosteroids. The former are associated with muscle mass gain popularized by illegal use in athletes. The later are connected with metabolism and immunity. Now that we’ve cleared up that little issue, we can delv ... Read on »
Mothers Milk Project: The Anti Nuclear Weapon by Starre V. Patient Expert Posted Mon 07 Jul 2008 7:15pm For those living within fifty miles of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, there is a new way to document the potential impact of nuclear energy and radioactive waste.Breast milk: who knew it could be an (anti-)nuclear weapon? TheMothers Milk Projectis an endeavor founded by longtime activists Nancy Burton (ofConnecticut Coalition Agains ... Read on »
Political shortsightedness and the power of nuclear weapons by h2cm Posted Wed 01 Jul 2009 6:37pm The political expense debacle for ALL the main political parties* here in the UK and the consequences have numerously been described as 'fall-out'. Although the lasting image is one of MPs staring into the headlights, there are many politicians who must be quietly pleased. When you listen to the leaders explain how the mess will be fixed, the ... Read on »
Sleep Restriction - The Nuclear Weapon for Insomnia by das997 Posted Wed 03 Oct 2012 11:48pm I've tried this, and know that it's the "go-to" cure for insomnia that every expert finally ends up at. As long as there's not another root for your sleeplessness (co-morbid or secondary insomnia), then this should work. But it's hard. Very hard.  By using the natural sleep pressure you build up during the day to help us reboot your brain, ... Read on »
DOE Statement on UK Government's "Road to 2010" Report on Nuclear Security by US Dept of Agriculture Posted Thu 16 Jul 2009 9:00pm NNSA Administrator D'Agostino Applauds Report, Endorses Creation of a UK Center for Nuclear Excellence WASHINGTON, DC - Thomas P. D'Agostino, the Department of Energy's Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, today applauded the British g ... Read on »
China’s real nuclear capabilities by EyeDrD Posted Tue 01 Nov 2011 1:53am Shortly after the end of the Cold War, an American defense official named Phillip Karber traveled to Russia as an advance man for a visit by former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci. “We were meeting with Russian generals,” Mr. Karber recalls, “and we met a three ... Read on »
The mayor of Osaka bridge and think Japan waste nuclear by millet Posted Mon 12 Nov 2012 6:43am Japan reform will represent, the mayor of Osaka bridge and 10 in Hiroshima county speaking of the  mbt shoes  present stage of difficult to realize "waste nuclear" the idea. He says, "in terms of reality is not possible, in today's international political, Japan is a little peace idealized. Even if Japan claims nuclear waste, but who do it?" A ... Read on »
U.S., China Sign Agreement to Establish Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security by US Dept of Agriculture Posted Wed 19 Jan 2011 12:00am U.S., China Sign Agreement to Establish Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Department of Energy (DOE) today announced the signing of a government-to-government agreement with the People's Republic of China to establish a Center of Excellence in China to promote effective n ... Read on »
Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants and Cancer Risk by Posted Wed 27 Apr 2011 10:53pm Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants and Cancer Risk Key Points Ionizing radiation is a form of energy that is present naturally in the environment at low levels. Natural sources of ionizing radiation include radioactive minerals in the earth and cosmic rays from outer space. Ionizing radiation is also given off, or emitted, by me ... Read on »