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Detect Daily Anxiety Symptoms To Avoid Energy Leakage by Evelyn Lim Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 20 Sep 2011 4:12am Anxiety symptoms are pretty common, considering that we live in a fast-paced environment. Anxiety-ridden, we find it hard to cope with the stresses of life. We become anxious when we fear that we cannot catch up, feel overwhelmed by the amount of incoming information, do not know how to make a decision and perceive a looming threat to o ... Read on »
Treat Anxiety and Boost Energy with Diaphragmatic Breathing by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sun 13 Dec 2009 12:32am Breathing properly can make a huge difference both mentally and physically. Unfortunately there are several barriers that may prevent you from breathing from your abdominal area. Poor posture, stress and anxiety and even tight clothing may prompt you to breathe using your chest muscles rather than the diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathin ... Read on »
Mia Wasikowska on teen anxiety and energy by Douglas E. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Thu 18 Feb 2010 5:50pm Mia Wasikowska portrayed troubled, suicidal teen gymnast Sophie in the outstanding HBO psychotherapy drama series “In Treatment.” Her work made Sophie one of the most powerful, conflicted and emotionally complex teen characters I have seen. She was both fascinating and wrenching in her distraught intensity. In a magazine interview about ... Read on »
Anxiety relief: Energy Psychiatrist Judith Orloff on Emotional Freedom by Douglas E. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:18am Judith Orloff, anxiety relief programs, stress products Dr. Orloff says one of the reasons creative people may be vulnerable to anxiety is “They are extremely sensitive.. they are very finely tuned and open to all kinds of energies from the outside, so it’s important they protect themselves and not be overwhelmed.” She notes, “People need ... Read on »
ANxIetY… A Primer by Kate McLaughlin. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 16 Jun 2010 7:00am What is anxiety? Anxiety is actually a normal protective response, alerting you to danger. Imagine coming home and finding your front door wide open when you know you locked it earlier. Your heart races. Your palms sweat. Your mind goes into overdrive. In this situation, anxiety provides an extra spark to help you get out of danger. ... Read on »
Lift Mood and Energy With Physical Activity by Linda Posted Wed 16 Dec 2009 12:00am A new study shows that people with chronic diseases found that physical activity may reduce depression and fatigue by increasing self-efficacy, or the belief that one can master physical goals. Many studies have already shown that physical activity reduces depression and fatigue in people struggling with chronic illness; what is new abou ... Read on »
On Surpressing Energy by Serene Ambition Patient Expert Posted Wed 02 Jul 2008 8:09pm By Charles E. Smith|Bio Over the years, I have seen and recognized the enormous effect of the CEO’s personality and ‘way of being’ on the energy of a company. All personalities have limitations and drawbacks. But when somebody has the top position in a system, the effect of what they focus on and what they suppress is immense. Whatever a CEO ... Read on »
Energy Healing & H1N1 Virus by agapelife Registered Nurse Posted Thu 29 Oct 2009 11:02pm      When people talk about the H1N1 virus, I detect Fear, be it on the mediia or the internet or just people around the city. No one wants a Pandemic! News reporting mortality rate is contributing to the cause of the fear! Negative Attitude and feelings are another thing I have noticed. Actually,that is why H1N1 is so newsworthy, because it makes ... Read on »
Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine… by Cecil M. Health Maven Posted Fri 20 Nov 2009 10:01pm I am a herbal tea drinker, not a coffee drinker. One day I wondered, “why do I prefer tea over coffee?” The answer to this question took me back to my early childhood. I discovered that my Dad drank tea rather than coffee. Trace back three years ago. My Dad is in a nursi ... Read on »
The nine disguises of energy vampires: by Carole F. Patient Expert Posted Thu 11 Sep 2008 7:03pm By Carole Fogarty Detox and de-stress: A regular feature: Energy vampires or energy thief’s come in all shapes, sizes, disguises and circumstances. They can appear anywhere, anytime when you least expect it sucking, stealing, draining and zapping a stream of energy from your body, mind or soul leaving you flat, wiped ... Read on »