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Labs by Shawndra T. Patient Expert Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 12:56am Well I got my labwork back for the week. My white blood cell count and neutrophil counts are low which means I am vulnerable to illness/infection. I am on precautions, I have to wash my hands more, stay away from crowds, sick people, lots of children, no fresh fruit, etc. Hopefully that will come back up soon. This is pretty normal with chemo, so ... Read on »
Palliative care survival scale by Jennifer J. Patient Expert Posted Sun 04 Sep 2011 12:00am Researchers recently developed a "survival scale" that predicts whether cancer patients in palliative care have days, weeks, or months to live. The tool predicts whether a patient has days, weeks or months to live. 25 Aug 2011 ... A cancer survival scale based on readily available clinical and laboratory variables reliably predic ... Read on »
Is Exercise Important for People with HIV? by Nelson V. Patient Expert Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:28pm We need more programs around the Unites States and the world that provide supervised exercise programs for people with HIV! Association between Exercise and HIV Disease Progression in a Cohort of Homosexual Men. Annals of Epidemiology , Volume 9 , Issue 2 , Pages 127 - 131 T . Mustafa Having exercised was associated with slower prog ... Read on »
Essential Minerals for HIV+ People by Nelson V. Patient Expert Posted Sun 22 Apr 2012 12:00am From the book " Minerals 1.        Calcium - 300 mg or more three times per day. Take for strong bones, nerve health, and muscle growth itself. Calcium and magnesium are nutrients that Dr. Jon Kaiser recommends to prevent and treat neuropathy. Optimal calcium intake improves insulin sensitivity, [i] so calcium is ... Read on »
Definitions by Kelly Patient Expert Posted Wed 18 Feb 2009 11:58am WHAT IS A NEUTROPHIL? A neutrophil is a type of mature (developed) white blood that is present in the blood. A cell is the smallest, most basic of life, that is capable of existing by itself. White blood cells help protect the body against diseases and fight infections. Neutrophils are essential in protecting the body against disease and infect ... Read on »
Onwards and Upwards by WardyBoy Posted Tue 17 Aug 2010 12:00am The last week or so has been all about counts… Went for a test on Monday (last week) and to see the doc, who was not pleased.  I had chosen to avoid my usual booster injection and as a result my counts were lower than ever before.  Reds 9.7 and Whites 0.54.  This is not good.  Reds wise I was still OK, not symptomatic, just a little t ... Read on »
Me Bum’s Sore by Paula K Posted Sun 22 Jan 2012 2:18pm Okay not so much now but Wednesday and Thursday if I sat down without thinking about it and pressed up against a cushion in the wrong manner it made B jump. Not so much the sound of me actually hitting the cushion more the yelp I emitted. How come I had a sore rear end? Well… Last Friday we went to the Blood Clinic and saw the Prof. My blood ... Read on »
Weekly doctor update by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert Posted Thu 28 Oct 2010 7:45am I saw my local oncologist yesterday to have blood-work done and my numbers appear to be doing what they should. For those that are interested: Numbers in parentheses are the normal range. WBC: 17.9 K/ul (4.5-10.8) RBC: 4.30 M/ul (4.20-5.40) Hemoglobin: 13.4 g/dL (12.0-16.0) Platelets: 177 K/ul ... Read on »
Elevated Serum Concentrations of Polymorphonuclear Neutrophilic Leukocyte Elastase in Systemic Sclerosis: Association with Pulmo by Jan Posted Wed 23 Mar 2011 10:51am Objective To determine the serum concentrations and clinical association of polymorphonuclear neutrophilic leukocyte (PMN) elastase in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc). Methods Serum PMN elastase levels from 21 patients with limited cutaneous SSc (lSSc) and 32 with diffuse cutaneous SSc (dSSc) were examined by ELISA. Res ... Read on »