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You gotta love it! by Dr. Steve Murphy Medical Doctor Posted Tue 28 Oct 2008 12:54pm It's mid-morning and the day is just getting moving. We had a round up today and talked aboutBrugada Syndrome. I think this is a wonderful topic and it was presented very nicely. It was also a timely topic...... You see Dr. Look, an internist in Germany commented on the lack of medical training for human geneticists. I think he is right. In ... Read on »
Plantar Fibromatosis by Jennifer F. Posted Sat 19 Sep 2009 9:54pm A plantar fibroma is a fibrous nodule or mass located on the bottom of the foot, usually in the arch just underneath the skin. It is benign or non-malignant and usually embedded in the ligament of the foot known as the plantar fascia, which runs from the heel to the ball of the foot. This mass may or may not be painful. It can remain the same ... Read on »
Painful Lump In Your Arch? Could Be Plantar Fibromatosis by Dr. Marybeth Crane Facebook Posted Mon 02 Nov 2009 4:00am Plantar Fibromatosis. Wow, that's a mouthful! What is it? A lump in your arch that is firm and doesn't move. They usually start out as a very small pea sized nodule that increases in size over time. Most people don't even notice them until they get big enough to be annoying in your shoes or when walking barefoot. They can happen to anyone, but ar ... Read on »
Is Your Disease on the RARE List™ – If So, More Bad News! by Chris H. Posted Mon 06 Feb 2012 3:01pm I wonder if people truly understand what it means if their rare disease or disorder is on the RARE List™? Last week, the R.A.R.E. Project and  Global Genes Project , leading patient advocacy organizations representing the rare disease community, issued the RARE List™ , a stunning 65 page ... Read on »
NeuroTouch: A Simulator for Brain Surgeons by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 01 Sep 2009 10:47pm The software has it’s first work out recently with simulating a surgical procedure on a woman before the surgery was done.  The software and system was developed in Canada.  One physician commented to the fact that they are going to be like pilot simulators!  The surgeons themselves look forward to the software being an excellent training ground ... Read on »
Neuro Update: Here We Go Again! by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 29 Jan 2008 12:00am I went to go see my neurologist this afternoon. We had a lot to catch up on. Since I had been fine for the last couple of years or so, we have only been seeing each other maybe every six months for brief consults. Knowing that, I felt I would have to be really on top and try to cram things in. Of course, I made notes. But, bugger! He’s suc ... Read on »
Some Relief? Non-Arsey Neuro! by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 31 Aug 2009 12:00am Yes, ’tis true! The only “bad” thing is that I may have had a nocturnal seizure last night.  I don’t know.  And yes, I told Non-Arsey Neuro about it.  Something’s wrong.  My legs are sore, I’m pretty slow, and spaced out, my eyes are quite light sensitive, and I am unbelievably barfy.  ... Read on »
Non-Arsey Neuro and My Broken Brain by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 17 May 2010 12:00am Pre(r)amble: I had another migraine recently.  Three days ago.  I’m still recovering from it today.  The same thing happened with the last one.  This is not what used to happen.  Something else is going on, as well.  I’ll get to that at the end.  An interesting correlation? Non-Arsey Neuro! Oh, how he makes me laugh! How we make each other ... Read on »
Non-Arsey Neuro Kicks Ass! And Heads. by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 09 Aug 2010 12:00am Well, my head.  Or maybe I kick my own head? Or maybe we both just grab a ball my head the closest sample of meds he has in his office, and play “Spin the Bottle?” Just kidding.  He’s awesome. As I expected, he agreed with me to titrate to 300mg fully, not just the original 250mg of the Lamictal/Lamotrigine.  I know that when I’ve bee ... Read on »
Test of Memory, Cognitive Ability. WebNeuro Told Me NOTHING! by Bill S. Health Maven Posted Mon 06 Sep 2010 1:52pm Monday, September 6th, 2010 | Filed under | Posted by Parky Bill I think it was last week sometime while looking for online assessment tests to help me measure how much of my thought processes are affected by my Parkinson’s disease, I stumbled onto a website for a product ... Read on »