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Aches and Pains - Just Normal Aches and Pains by Rudy S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 02 Oct 2008 2:09pm 1 Comment Informative article Link: Aches and Pains - Just Normal Aches and Pains. Read on »
Of Aches and Pains and Growing Older by jpetersen Posted Tue 10 Jul 2012 10:08pm Wow! What was that owie? You guys know me by now – pretty high pain threshold – so when something hurts, something has to be wrong. At the moment, my entire left side of joints is out of whack and my friends on Facebook are telling me it’s from our 19-hour drive on Friday. Stay tuned for a more-expert opinion… I’ve been put on notice ... Read on »
Aches and Pains of Age by Ronni B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 30 Mar 2009 3:51pm One of the unwritten rules of elderhood is that we may not talk about our aches and pains. Somehow, old people have a reputation for dwelling on them, but that's not my experience and it could be that we – or, the old people I know – have been brainwashed by the youth culture to keep silent. Well, not today. I am grateful for my health. As ... Read on »
Scared of Every Little Ache and Pain? by Kairol Rosenthal Patient Expert Posted Fri 15 Jan 2010 9:31am A while back, Shannon was out of town a few weeks before one of my big scans.  I had a horrible upset stomach.  Probably from something I ate.  I was on the toilet for hours while sweat rained off my body onto the bathroom floor.  I was shaking so badly my feet sounded like they were tap dancing.  Logic left my mind and I felt like I ... Read on »
Follow-up on my aches and pains by Kenn C. Posted Mon 19 Sep 2011 4:13pm The x-rays (not exactly as pictured) last week were negative for anything untoward. All bones, and metal objects substituting for same reinforcing my femur, are intact. That’s a relief! The aches and pains continue intermittently, however, with suggestions of recovery pointing to physiotherapy or just grinning and bearing it ... Read on »
Some Aches and Pains - My Visit to the ThedaCare Orthopedics Plus Free Injury Clinic by soledaddy Posted Tue 26 Jul 2011 12:00am It’s been an interesting day for me. I got out of bed very late this morning for my run but still did it. I just can’t afford to miss any training runs from this point on. As my luck has been recently with the weather, specifically with rain, I am worried that rain/storms may impact some of those future sessions just like it did last weekend. ... Read on »
soothe your back aches and pain with organic back soothe wellness oil by Doris C. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Thu 13 Nov 2008 7:00pm Those who have suffered from a bad back can agree with me the frustration and discomfort when the pain hits at the back muscles. It can impair mobility and affect our normal schedule and routine. Some people think that by sleeping over it, the pain will be gone. But little do they know that if nothing is done, the pain can get more intense and af ... Read on »
Managing Muscles: 6 Ways to Ease Your Aches and Pains After a Workout by Kodjoworkout Posted Fri 06 Dec 2013 9:52am After a great workout, you’re probably going to experience some muscle soreness. Whether you’re just starting a new workout routine or you’ve been at it for a while, muscle soreness is to be expected with any exercise regimen. However, you don’t have to live with achy muscles forever. There are ways you can soothe the hurt you’re feeling qu ... Read on »
Emergency room woes: An ache, a pain or what? by Jan Hasak Posted Tue 28 Jun 2011 4:57pm Last Thursday at 2:30 am I found myself lying on a bed at our local ER with a curtain drawn around my tight quarters, wondering if this nightmare would be one from which I would awaken soon. The drama actually unfolded the day before when I had an echocardiogram (E.C.H.O.) to check on my mitral valve prolapse . This condition, which I’ve ... Read on »
Aches and Pains by Flo H. Patient Expert Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:23pm I don't know if it's getting older or if it's being more active, but I always seem to have some sort of ache or pain. In general I just tough it out work through it (there's my Army training coming through:), I figure if it was serious I'd be in real pain. Then, on Monday, I received this sample in the mail: That would be Mr. Chubs on ... Read on »