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Finger Clubbing in Cystic Fibrosis by Lauren B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 7:27pm One of the prevailing physical signs of cystic fibrosis is noticeable digital clubbing. Digital clubbing is a condition in which the tips of fingers or toes have an unusually large amount of excess tissue. This results in the nail bed taking on a curved appearance. This rounding of the fingertips is easily recognized by viewing the fingers f ... Read on »
Finger Clubbing Puzzle Solved - Lung Disease by Lynn E. Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 4:36pm UK Medics Solve Ancient Riddle Of 'Finger Clubbing' ScienceDaily (Jun. 5, 2008) — A puzzling medical condition, identified more than 2,000 years ago by Hippocrates, has finally been explained by researchers at the University of Leeds. The phenomenon of "finger clubbing", a deformity of the fingers and fingernails, has been known ... Read on »
What Are Clubbed Fingers? Digital Clubbing Explained by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Wed 04 Aug 2010 9:58am Finger and toe nails can display telltale symptoms of illness that should not be overlooked. Clubbing of the fingertips and toes may be an obvious sign of a servere health condition. However, the problem may initially go undetected by the sufferer since the change can occur gradually. The tips of the fingers and toes become ... Read on »
Rock Climbing, Finger Taping and Injury by Dr. Erik McLaughlin Medical Doctor Posted Sat 13 Jun 2009 12:27am Anybody who rock climbs, on a semi-regular basis has probably seen climbers taping their fingers.  I admit that I have done it in the past, to prevent injuries and help me keep climbing with an injury.  I also admit I have done it because I have seen other climbers, better than me, doing it.  I know, I know…if all my friends jumped off a bri ... Read on »
Symptoms and Diagnosis of Lung Disorders by COPDsurvivor Patient Expert Posted Thu 23 Apr 2009 5:25pm The MERCK Manual of Medical Information-Second Home Edition Among the most common symptoms of lung disorders are cough, shortness of breath (dyspnea), and wheezing. Less commonly, a blockage in the airways between the mouth and lungs results in a gasping sound when breathing (stridor). Problems in the lungs can also lead to coughing up ... Read on »
China Glaze Lubu Heels and Color Club Perfect Plum NOTD by musicalhouses Posted Mon 22 Mar 2010 7:00am Today's NOTD is the cult favourite, China Glaze Lubu Heels, together with Color Club's Perfect Plum. Lubu Heels, named after the shoes, are a hot favourite, due to its unique combination of a black jelly base and red glitter. Perfect Plum isn't so much plum as it is red, which is why I used it as an accent colour on the ring finger. And as you ca ... Read on »
The Usual Disclaimers by Gavin B. Facebook Posted Wed 03 Oct 2007 12:00am This is a "cheat post" cobbled together from a post on my family blog . I'll try not to cheat like this too much, but in this case, the post is quite relevant. Two years ago, my son, Kaelan was diagnosed with ADD and with Asperger's Syndrome. At that time although I had my head well and truly around the attention deficit disorder I really ... Read on »
Coldest Running Club by MediumAndRare Posted Thu 30 Dec 2010 9:59pm 29 Oct Chicago’s had its first string of cold fall days and yesterday marked the first c ... Read on »
Improve Your Golf Swing Without Touching a Club: The Secret Revealed by Matt Whitehead Posted Fri 02 Nov 2012 4:54pm Improve Your Golf Swing Without Touching a Club: The Secret Revealed Article By: John Elder | October 16, 2012              Original article appeared on You’re standing on the tee-box, driver in hand, ready to hit the best shot of your life, all while hoping to find your ball again afterwards. Sound familiar? For mos ... Read on »
It’s Time for the Secret Recipe Club Again! by Anne S. Posted Mon 15 Aug 2011 7:00am I swear, it’s like having Christmas every month! Only the presents are all new friends and new foods to try… my kind of Christmas! Just in case you’ve forgotten, the Secret Recipe Club, created by Amanda of Amanda’s Cookin’ , is a group of bloggers who are assigned a blog from which to secretly browse and choose a new recipe to tr ... Read on »