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Preparing for Cold Season Thanks to Children’s Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold ~ $2 Off Coupon! #BlameMucus #ChildrensMucinex by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Thu 05 Dec 2013 10:15am My son, Austen, is home from school today with a bad cold, but he slept remarkably well last night thanks to Children’s Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold! This Very Berry liquid helps to relieve the symptoms of stuffy nose, cough, chest congestion, and bothersome mucus and is for children aged 4-12. We were worried that Austen’s cough would keep h ... Read on »
To Mucinex Or Not by Mya Patient Expert Posted Thu 23 Apr 2009 5:25pm Since this could very well be our last cycle without some type of medical intervention, I have been wondering if I should be doing more "stuff" to increase our chances of pregnancy. One such thing would be to take guaifenesin (commonly found in cough medicines such as Robitussin and Mucinex) to improve the quality of cervical fluid. I'm not ... Read on »
Hump Day Diddy Dumbs: The Sound of Mucinex by thisfullhouse Patient Expert Posted Wed 05 Jan 2011 8:55am The kids tag-teamed being sick over holiday break and, at last count, it was my youngest daughter's turn...shhhh, but don't tell her, okay? Oh, not to worry, we experienced bright and shiny non-crud-filled moments, together, too. Like, during our annual New Year's Eve movie marathon, we watched Fiddler on the Roof and one of our (okay ... Read on »
Mucinex kicked him out, but I know he’ll be back… by Christine .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 08 Dec 2009 7:29am First of all, let me say thank you to my Twitter-bud – My4Sweeterbugs – for literally saving my sinuses and making my husband’s night! Thanks to her I was able to function beyond grunts and moans, help my hubby make dinner (sorta), get some work done, and even stay awake to watch a movie with my kiddos! Well, it was Stacy and Mucinex-D. La ... Read on »
Thank You Mucinex by redheadedjen Posted Tue 31 Jan 2012 8:30pm Every time I sniffle or grab that tissue, I think of your commercial with the Mucus family. I think of Mr. and Mrs. Mucus taking up residence in my lungs. Given the amount of tissues I have gone through, there must be a whole nation down there. I just want this image to go away. Mucus should not have a persona. Read on »
What Forms of Long-Acting Guaifenesin are Available? by Neil Kao Medical Doctor Posted Sat 13 Jun 2009 12:26am Guaifenesin is an old compound that is supposed to help thin respiratory mucus and hence help one remove it from the respiratory tract. Technical term is an expectorant. The evidence in favor of guaifenesin is weak in my opinion. However, when used correctly, there may be benefit without adverse effect and hence it may be worth a try to reduce sy ... Read on »
A Natural Treatment For Bronchitis That Really Works by Comfy Tummy Patient Expert Posted Tue 20 Dec 2011 10:15pm A little over three weeks ago, I came down with a head cold. A few days later, the head cold moved down into my chest and I had the typical symptoms of a chest cold - coughing, sneezing, congestion, etc. A few days after that, I came down with a fever - 101.9. Not terribly high, but enough to make me feel absolutely awful with a headache, chi ... Read on »
The Worst Cell Phone Pics You Have Ever Seen by Posted Tue 15 Nov 2011 2:34pm I went to my doctor’s appointment for my sinus woes yesterday. She agreed that I need something beyond my home remedies, but did give me the OK to take Mucinex-D, too. The blood pressure medicine prescription seems to be working; my reading yesterday was 126/78 down from 142/92 last time. She sent a RX for an antibiotic to Shop Rite’s pha ... Read on »
Honey Ginger Lemon Tea by Erica Sara Posted Fri 21 Jan 2011 1:12pm The start of this week was a good one. My mojo was going strong and I was excited to start building up some weekly running mileage again. I had even planned out my workout schedule for the week:  Refine Method on Monday, kickboxing on Tuesday and Friday, and 4-5 runs mixed in. So Monday night, when Dori suggested I join her and Ben at Refine meth ... Read on »
FDA's MedWatch Safety Alerts: October 2012 by FDA Posted Thu 29 Nov 2012 11:35am   After products approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are on the market, the agency continues to monitor them for problems. FDA encourages health care professionals and consumers to report problems with medical products, including unexpected and undesirable side effects ... Read on »