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Gene Mutations Offer Clues to Common Complication of Pregnancy by HealthFinder Posted Tue 22 Mar 2011 1:00pm healthnewslink DNA variants suggest new targets against preeclampsia, a dangerous rise in blood pressure. ... Read on »
40 Year Old With Multiple Miscarriages Needs Correct Specialist by Edward Ramirez, MD Posted Wed 23 Dec 2009 12:00am Question: I have been trying to conceive for 3 years, have had 3 miscarriages, all between 6-9 weeks (one was trisomy 22, the other two are unknown. Two pregnancies required progesterone suppository supplementation). I am 40 years old, hypothyroid, insulin resistant, have a bicornuate uterus, my DRVVT came back Borderline (lupus antic ... Read on »
MTHFR gene by MTHFR and Me Patient Expert Posted Mon 04 May 2009 5:26pm Standing for "Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase", the MTHFR gene is responsible for absorbing folate. (And of course, most readers familiar with trying to conceive have heard of the importance of folate/folic acid. Taking folic acid reduces the risk of having a baby with neural tube defects (which is why most of the grain products on the market ... Read on »
CF Gene Mutations and Nathan's Diagnosis by CFMama Posted Thu 03 Sep 2009 11:17am I had been working on a few posts to recap the beginnings of Nathan and our journey as a family with Cystic Fibrosis in our lives. I left off here with Nathan's birth story and am going to concentrate on Nathan's diagnosis with Cystic Fibrosis which occurred during his first month of life. I am going to begin though during my pregnancy wh ... Read on »
DSM5 Autism Exclusion of ID? Study Finds Single Gene Mutation Known To Cause Intellectual Disability Increases Risk of Autism D by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Mon 12 Nov 2012 10:11am If you believe the DSM5 Neurodevelopmental committee responsible for expressly removing those with Intellectual Disability from the new, oversimplified Autism Spectrum Disorder when they claim that exclusion is based on current science you may want to reconsider. The DSM5 ASD excludes those with intellectual disability if the ID "acc ... Read on »
A gene mutation for excessiv ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 26 Nov 2013 9:08pm A gene mutation for excessive alcohol drinking found UK researchers have discovered a gene that regulates alcohol consumption and when faulty can cause excessive drinking. They have also identified the mechanism underlying this phenomenon.27 nov 2013--The study showed that normal mice show no interest in alcohol and drink little or no alcohol w ... Read on »
Hmmm, where to start . . . . . by aggie01l Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 9:59pm I guess I'll start with yesterday's marathon to Houston and back. Andrew & I left at 6am and because of traffic we just made it to our appt three hours later! The PM&R doc was very pleased with Andrew's mobility but wants to combine his botox treatments with serial casting which will all be done at Texas Childrens. The casting will be good for hi ... Read on »
Major Gene Mutation Identified in Lymphoma Tumors by Posted Tue 11 Jan 2011 12:00am Another JAK2 Inhibitor Shows Promise against Myelofibrosis An experimental drug designed to inhibit growth-promoting signals associated with a mutant form of the Janus-activated kinase 2 (JAK2) protein reduced clinical symptoms and led to durable responses in some patients with myelofibrosis , a d ... Read on »
Frank's gene mutation by Tom Weidig Posted Thu 27 Dec 2012 3:08am Frank was so kind to write up his experience of having been diagnosed with a gene mutation that correlates to stuttering. I am not exactly sure whether it is the 3-gene system that everyone talks about. What is also interesting is that people with Ashkenzi ("Central/Eastern European") Jewish ancestry seems to be more likely to have this gene m ... Read on »
Gene Mutations Identified in Uterine Fibroids by HealthFinder Posted Fri 26 Aug 2011 1:00pm healthnewslink Research sheds light on why these painful noncancerous tumors affect so many women. ... Read on »