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MRI shows brain atrophy pattern ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 11:02am MRI shows brain atrophy pattern that predicts Alzheimer's OAK BROOK, Ill., 10 feb 2009– Using special MRI methods, researchers have identified a pattern of regional brain atrophy in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) that indicates a greater likelihood of progression to Alzheimer's disease. The findings are published in the online e ... Read on »
Research on ‘Chemo Brain’: MRI Shows Brain Changes After Chemotherapy by Alvaro F. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 17 Nov 2011 11:14am ‘Chemo Brain’: MRI Shows Brain Changes After Chemotherapy (Medscape): - “Breast cancer survivors who have been treated with chemotherapy show significant changes in brain activity, measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), according to a  study published in the November issue of the Archives of Neurology.” - “The findi ... Read on »
Me Lose BRAIN? Uh-Oh! (The Incredible Shrinking Brain!) by Bill S. Health Maven Posted Fri 12 Nov 2010 3:26pm Well, spank my hiney with a leather strap and call me “Pinky.”  Just got my medical reports from my experience in the clinical trial at Vanderbilt, and just when you think you’ve learned everything there is to learn about what happened to you… SURPRISE! Back in 2007 coming up on four years ago the last I ever had said I had “mild, ... Read on »
Atrophy, Shmatrophy! Show Me Some Film! by Bill S. Health Maven Posted Thu 18 Nov 2010 11:52am I availed myself of the very helpful “Ask the Doctor” feature provided by the National Parkinson Foundation.  Noted , Dr. Michael Okun, answered the following question: Hi there! First of all, I understand you can’t say anything specific ... Read on »
PICU, Day #28 – Brain MRI, movements, sedation by Carrie Ostrea Posted Sun 13 Jun 2010 8:26pm Mama was helping holder her arm from flailing in order to take the pic. Pink Pather strategically located so we could get our kids a pic because they wanted to see Hannah with as few tubes and leads as possible! 28 friggin’ days in the PICU, seriously.  I am so ready to get the heck out of there!!  I can’t believe tomorrow will the b ... Read on »
“Diffuse Brain Atrophy,” Eh? Rarely Use the Damn Thing, Anyway! by Bill S. Health Maven Posted Sat 13 Nov 2010 8:47am OK, so I’m obsessing over yesterday’s discovery that I’ve had “diffuse “ since 2007.  Gail said so.  She’s the type of person who, when there’s something wrong with her, will say, “Meh… let me know when it kills me.” And I respect that.  I really ... Read on »
Less Sleep May Age the Brain by A4M Posted Fri 08 Aug 2014 10:08pm Posted on Aug. 6, 2014, 6 a.m. in Brain and Mental Performance Sleep Woman sleeping - image from Shutterstock Previously, some studi ... Read on »
Brain Volume: Does Size Matter? by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Tue 19 Apr 2011 8:30pm As I've mentioned previously, I've been criss-crossing the country recently giving an update on Alzheimer's disease (AD) to fellow family physicians.  One of the bigger questions that often comes up is with regards to neuroimaging.  In other words, why should we obtain a CT or MRI of the brain? The practical matter is that while we c ... Read on »
New Research Shows That People With Better Physical Fitness Have Less Brain Atrophy in Alzheimer's by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Mon 28 Jul 2008 12:18pm I have been writing about Alzheimer's and exercise on the Alzheimer's Reading Room blog for years. I believe that exercise is a key component in fighting off the devastating effects of Alzheimer's on my mother--now 92 years old. Exercising in a gym also gives my mother an added boost by keeping her socialized. Most days my mother goes kicking ... Read on »
Brain MRI for restaging in metastatic melanoma. by Mark Levin Posted Mon 10 Aug 2009 4:22pm Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain is a mandatory test for initial staging in patients with stage IV, optional in stage III and not used in patients with stage I and II disease. Melanoma in stage IV can be treated in a variety of ways. nN improtant issue is how to restage melanoma during treatment. Guidelines do nto offer guidance on ... Read on »