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What to do when your workout doesn't workout by Marni R. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 20 Jun 2013 4:55pm Karel and I have always been active....although I think we had our priorities different when it came to bike riding. Since when did it become uncool to ride your bike without a stuffed animal? One of the best parts about sharing an active lifestyle with someone else is seeing each other grow in a sport (or with fitness). We all have gr ... Read on »
Postpartum Weight Loss- Weight Loss When You Can’t Workout by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Thu 27 Aug 2009 5:39pm To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I was just getting back into exercising and I tore the ligaments in my knee!  What do you suggest I do to keep on track with my weight loss goals?” From Sara of Fit by Sara: “Ouch, that is a bummer, injuries are not fun, but you can still lose weight even if you can’t workout.  The #1 factor for weight loss is how you ... Read on »
Loving H.I.I.T. Workouts! by LetsTalkAndWalk Posted Tue 29 May 2012 6:25am Hello and Happy Tuesday! Everyone ready to go back to work today? It has been a fabulous long weekend, but time to get back at it. Yesterday we had a cookout at my friend A’s house. Hot dogs, baked beans, strawberries, and much more. Check out my plates: Yummy Goodness Red, White, & Blue Dessert Here is my favo ... Read on »
Why P90X Wasn’t the Workout for Me by Jess Posted Fri 15 Nov 2013 7:59am So during my furlough, you may remember that I mentioned I was going to experiment with P90X as a way to start rebuilding some of the strength and endurance I’d lost while recovering from my stress fracture. At the time, I still wasn’t really able to run without pain, and I needed a workout with a set plan that would keep me on track ... Read on »
OK, OK—-I didn’t workout again. ... by Michelle J. Patient Expert Posted Sun 28 Sep 2008 6:45pm OK, OK—-I didn’t workout again.  It is not like me to not workout.  I haven’t been to the gym since Sunday—that is 3 days off.  I can feel the fat just growing.  Guilt is building and I NEED to get to the gym tomorrow.  My weight is back up.  Life is not far, I have already accepted that fact.  I have a thyroid problem and it is very hard for ... Read on »
Don’t Workout Too Hard by Lucky V. Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:34am Exercising is great. It feels good to be in shape. Regular physical activity brings several health benefits but you should be careful: overtraining can be dangerous. People trying to lose weight have a hard time getting into a workout routine. The secret is to start slowly, remember if you are not fit, you body isn’t ready for a tough workout ... Read on »
Day off but that doesn't mean I didn't workout. by Logan Delaware Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:14pm I did sleep in this morning and that totally helped because before this day is done I will have needed all my energy. I work in IT during the day and today was one of those off the chain crazy days. I was busy all day and I still didn't get everything I wanted to done. Plus I had some serious T3 work to get done. Heck it's 9:20 p.m. and I am sti ... Read on »
OK you asked for it AbFitt is my H.I.G.T workout. by Richard S. Patient Expert Posted Tue 20 Jul 2010 9:45am This is my H.I.G.T workout, you will perform this routine 3 days per week with one day in between. On those off days you will need to perform only 30 min of cardio vascular training, IE: running, jump rope, etc etc. This is more advanced however, you have built yourself up for this and should be ready. OUR GOAL: build new lean tissue, t ... Read on »
When I Don’t Workout, I Buy Food by RunEatPlay Posted Wed 07 Aug 2013 2:42pm Good afternoon! Yesterday Yesterday afternoon, I took the kids to the park. I think it counts as exercise since it’s about a half hour walk to and from the park…especially when you go the long way which the kids didn’t appreciate since it was hot outside. Today I didn’t go to the gym this morning, so the kids and ... Read on »
Hair Over Health? The Surgeon General Talks Hair, Bacne and Other Reasons Women Don’t Workout by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Fri 02 Sep 2011 9:33am I bet people just fawn all over her… “Oftentimes you get women saying, ‘I can’t exercise today because I don’t want to sweat my hair back or get my hair wet,’ ” s aid Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin . “When you’re starting to exercise, you look for reasons not to, and sometimes the hair is one of those reasons.” The mostly m ... Read on »