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A Healthy Mouth has Many Moving Parts by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 13 Apr 2012 1:37pm A Healthy Mouth A healthy mouth has many moving parts. The teeth, the gums and the breath. We all know we need to brush at least twice a day if not more frequently(like after meals).  But if you don’t have time to brush after a meal at least floss.  Every time we eat tiny food particles get stuck between teeth which can cause bad bacteria. ... Read on »
G-tubes and Mouth Eating – Part 2 by Lynn Patient Expert Posted Sun 13 Jun 2010 12:00am It is amazing that after 12 years of feeding issues, Little Miss has been eating by mouth daily for the last two weeks!  Now, this doesn’t even BEGIN to mean we are looking at discontinuing g-tube feeds. In fact, she isn’t usually eating enough at once to eliminate g-tube feeding for the respective meal. Today we went out for lunch a ... Read on »
Out of the mouths of babes part 2. by mommy~dearest Patient Expert Posted Sat 11 Apr 2009 12:58am Those of us with children, know that they change us in body, mind, and spirit. Those of us who have had children a little later than planned, are aware that the "body" part of those changes, do not necessarily spring back as easily as it had when we were younger. After I had Jaysen, I was back to my pre-pregnancy size within 2 months. Ryla ... Read on »
Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body? - Part 2 of 2 by VidyaSury Facebook Posted Wed 18 Aug 2010 12:00am In Part 1 we taked about how oral health boosts self confidence and lowers the risk of heart disease. Read on  to find out more  Image courtesy: Preserves Your Memory Adults with gingivitis (swollen, bleeding gums) performed worse on tests of memory and other cognitive skills than did those with healthier gums ... Read on »
Your Mouth: A Window to Your Overall Health (Part 1 of 3) | Sleep … by Dr. Syed L. Doctor of Dentistry Posted Sun 20 Dec 2009 2:18pm The Blende Dental Group is the leader in sedation and sleep dentistry serving the fearful, phobic, and special needs patient. Get your mouth fully restored with the One-Sleep-Visit(tm) method no matter what condition your teeth and gums are in or how … More here:  Your Mouth: A Window to Your Overall Health (Part 1 of 3) | Sleep … Read on »
Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body? - Part 1 of 2 by VidyaSury Facebook Posted Tue 17 Aug 2010 12:00am The Mouth-Body Connection: 6 Ways Oral Hygiene Helps Keep You Well Taking good care of your mouth - teeth and gums - does more than help ensure you have a bright, white smile. A healthy mouth and healthy body go hand in hand. Good oral hygiene and oral health can improve your overall health, reducing the risk of serious disease and per ... Read on »
Mouth Wide Shut: Adventures in Nostril Breathing – Part 2 by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Sat 19 Jan 2013 5:29pm In my previous post I wrote about my past experience with nostril breathing during aerobic exercise and my decision to give it a go again thanks to my fiance’s positive experience with it. The benefits were not immediately apparent. On the contrary, I actually found myself slowing down in my runs – especially on hills and inclines. But my p ... Read on »
Florida Diaries – Part 2 – Dolphins, a beautiful sunset, hangover cures, a gaping mouth a doggy pushchair and Janice by Laurachora Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Wed 19 Sep 2012 2:00am At the end of May I spent a week in Orlando, Florida, courtesy of Visit Florida , along with fellow travel bloggers  Becky ,  Kash  and Victor ia . This is the second installment of my trip (embarrassingly delayed by school holidays and life!). If you want to read the first part it is here .  What I didn’t realise when I saw the Clearwate ... Read on »
Borough Market Part 1- A Feast for the Eyes and the Mouth by Baroness Tapuzina Posted Mon 11 Jul 2011 3:28pm Over the last few years, London has developed the reputation of being one of the best food cities in the world, with celebrity chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsey and Marcus Wareing opening restaurants all over town. But another sign of how London has created a new food culture is the gourmet food Click here to continue reading this p ... Read on »
REVIEW OF PET DENTAL DISEASE, PART 2 by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 28 Feb 2010 11:00pm This is the second part of our review on Pet Dental Health. Enjoy! In last week's issue of Questions On Dogs and Cats, Helpful Buckeye introduced the topic of Pet Dental Health with the reminder that the month of February is devoted to being more aware of this very common health concern for dogs and cats. Our readers were presented with pictur ... Read on »