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Why Do Healing Wounds Itch? by Michael A. Zadeh Medical DoctorHealth MavenFacebook Posted Tue 06 Sep 2011 5:39pm Whenever tissue is subject to trauma, such as incisions made during surgery, the body initiates an inflammatory response as part of the healing process. Several different types of cells are released into the bloodstream and make their way to the wound where they act as mediators and initiate the various stages of wound healing. Among the cells ... Read on »
Time Heals All Wounds: Fact or Fiction? by Lisa C. Posted Sat 11 Aug 2012 10:00am “. . . A time to kill, a time to heal, a time to tear down, a time to build. (Ephesians 3:3) There is a common saying among many, “time heals all wounds.” Most cliches have a bit of truth to them, but I have never found the truth in this one. I have seen people who have lived nearly a century who still exude daily bitterness or lonelin ... Read on »
The Tongue Does Not Heal All Wounds by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Posted Thu 01 Aug 2013 7:00am Dr. Coates is a veterinarian based in the other “Sunshine State” – that's Colorado to the rest of you – where she lives and plays with a varied range of animals. She shares her professional and personal experiences, Monday through Friday, here on petMD's blog, the Fully Vetted. Log in for your daily dose of her insight and wisdom. < Previous P ... Read on »
Time Heals My Wounds by Jacki D. Posted Thu 27 May 2010 12:00am Photo: tanakawho, Flickr Time may not heal all wounds, but in my case, it definitely blurs them. Let’s talk chemo, that horrible thing from which most of my breast cancer wounds developed. For each of my four dose-dense infusions of adriamycin and cytoxan, my sister delivered lunch to the pink pretend-leather recliner I c ... Read on »
Devotion: It Takes More Than The Passing Of Time To Heal Our Wounds by Lisa C. Posted Sun 27 Feb 2011 10:00am “[There is] a time to heal.” Ecclesiastes 3:3a A common saying among many is “time heals all wounds.” I have found this to be untrue. For example, there are people who have lived nearly a century who still exude daily bitterness or loneliness due to a tragedy that happened many years earlier. Does the passage of time make our pain ... Read on »
"It has been said that time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind,..." by carmelakb Posted Sun 08 Jan 2012 10:39pm “It has been said that time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens, but it’s never gone.” - Reid - Criminal Minds 2 ( Ep: The Fisher King [2] ) Read on »
Healing the wounds of conflict zones through touch by Sam .. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 10 Oct 2008 2:10pm Touch is the most amazing thing on the planet!!  Today I feel like the touch evangelist as well as the touch ambassador!  As well as connecting us, touch can do wonderful things to heal us and make us whole again, especially after trauma. One of my babies (aside from Cuddle Party) is a project I set up a few years back to give free mass ... Read on »
Dr. Romance Happiness Tip: "The Nail in the Fence: Healing Wounds" by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy Posted Mon 25 Oct 2010 12:00am This arrived in Dr. Romance 's e-mail:  “There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence. The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control ... Read on »
Healing the Wounds of Separation and Divorce by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 16 Nov 2009 10:01pm What causes a relationship to deteriorate to the point of a separation or divorce? The things that draw people together in a relationship are the same ones that drive them apart. People typically fall in love with partners who have the qualities they lack in themselves—their opposite—in an unconscious quest to feel complete. While they’re ini ... Read on »
Can Sugar Really Heal Wounds by Swarnam J. Posted Sun 17 Feb 2013 1:36am During our family outings, I will be always on tenterhooks and I hope all the mammas around the globe would agree with me. The kids love to run, not just run but with their heads looking high above the heavens. They do not see what is beneath down the earth. Their father yells not to run at the top of his voice, but they run and jump and sk ... Read on »