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Mitochondrial Myopathy? by Alyson Posted Wed 08 Feb 2012 12:00am I saw the neurologist who specializes in neuromuscular diseases about a week and a half ago.   I was impressed that she took such an extremely thorough medical history.  She was very interested in my early health history and early manifestation of CFIDS.  She did a full exam, including basic strength tests of my arms, legs, and neck muscles wh ... Read on »
Sirtris Resveratrol SRT501 To Be Used To Study Mitochondrial Deficiency Diseases by Al Fin .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 8:13pm Resveratrol--a phyto-antioxidant found in grapeskins--is not only being studied for its possible anti-aging effects, it is also being studied for its potential for treating degenerative diseases of several types. For the Rochester study, published in the March issue of Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, the research team wanted to exa ... Read on »
Genetics Home Reference: TK2-related mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, myopathic form by Posted Tue 17 Sep 2013 2:42pm On this page: Description Genetic changes Inheritance Diagnosis Additional information Other names Glossary definitions Reviewed September 2013 What is TK2-related mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, myopathic form? TK2-related mitocho ... Read on »
Myopathy Suspected, Biopsy Ordered by Alyson Posted Sat 11 Feb 2012 12:00am The title pretty much sums it up.  On Friday I had my follow-up appointment with the neurologist who specializes in neuromuscular diseases.  My blood work was normal (i.e., no abnormal muscle enzymes), but my EMG had  abnormalities.  The EMG results suggest a possible myopathy, so the doctor wants to do a muscle biopsy to look for metabo ... Read on »
Mitocondrial Failure (Acumen and Biolab test) by Carlitos G. Patient Expert Posted Thu 21 May 2009 10:43pm Remember that this is juat a post of my blog, and it evolves, so to see the full story go to: (English) or or (English) and (Spanish) My current doc: Josepa Rigau Av Catalunya, 12, 3º, 1ª 43002 Tarragona Spain +34977220358 (I do recommend! hoeopathy an ... Read on »
Mito-Conundrum: Unraveling Environmental Effects on Mitochondria by Environmental Health Posted Wed 30 Jun 2010 9:00pm Mito-Conundrum: Unraveling Environmental Effects on Mitochondria Formal Correction: This article has been formally corrected to address the following errors. Jump to ... Read on »
Managing Your Mitochondria: Exercise by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 01 Nov 2011 1:45pm A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how becoming an efficient fat-burner helps mitochondrial function , and last week I went over some of the nutrients and supplements most important for your mitochondria . All good and all useful, but today I’m going to talk about another route: exercise. It makes intuitive sense that mitochondria are profoundly ... Read on »
Random Thoughts - Waiting for Answers by Alyson Posted Sun 12 Feb 2012 12:00am After so many false alarms with my health, especially in the last few years, I'm just not sure how to react any more to possible new diagnoses. I feel like I've been on a bunch of wild goose chases.  A few years ago, a GI doctor suspected Celiac Disease and tested me for it.  The whole time I was waiting for the results to come back, I w ... Read on »
That's the Issue...G-Flux: E ? MC2 by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy Posted Sat 14 Mar 2009 3:12pm As any gurrlll will tell ya -- certain times of the month (e.g. when we're bleeding down our legs) no matter what we eat/don't-eat, girls gain %^&*$weight. Then...yet at other times...we can eat E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in sight... bam... drop pounds... more energy... more shredding/shedding. What's the issue...?? Human bodies do not obey the ... Read on »
Genetics Home Reference: myoclonic epilepsy myopathy sensory ataxia by Posted Tue 14 Jun 2011 4:24pm (often shortened to MEMSA) On this page: Description Genetic changes Inheritance Treatment Additional information Other names Glossary definitions Reviewed June 2011 What is MEMSA? Myoclonic epilepsy myopathy sensory ataxia, commonly cal ... Read on »