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My experience of the practice of mindful walking by brain m. Patient Expert Posted Sat 01 Nov 2008 12:09pm I was practising mindful walking for 10 minutes the other day and at the end of it I wrote some notes of my experience. My mindful walking practice was just to do 10 minutes of lap of the living room with an awareness of the feelings and sensations of walking. I would vary the speed during the walk to experience the different sensations and it wa ... Read on »
Mindfulness Walking Meditation by Katie G. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 21 Sep 2010 6:00am Last week, after a night spent tossing and turning, thinking about all of the things I wanted/needed/had to do the next day, I woke up with the same feelings. I decided that I needed to do something to burn off the excess anxious energy so I took my dogs for a walk. I knew that my usual 10-15 minute walk wouldn't be enough so I took a r ... Read on »
Service Minded: Walking Billboard Principle by Rhett L. Patient Expert Posted Wed 08 Jun 2011 9:00am This is part of a series highlighting the 12 Excellent Service Principles. Walking Billboard Principle You are the brand. This is one of the simplest customer service principles to understand and one of the most difficult to pull off successfully and completely. The Walking Billboard Principle states, "You are the brand." ... Read on »
How to Be More Mindful Just by Breathing and Walking by Tracie B. Posted Wed 20 Jul 2011 3:00am An excerpt from Mindful Movements: Ten Exercises For Well-Being by Thich Nhat HanhIf we can live mindfully in everyday life — walk mindfully, full of love and caring — then we create a miracle and transform the world into a wonderful place. Through mindfulness, we avoid harming ourselves and others, and we can work wonders.What does "mindful ... Read on »
Walking clears the mind by EVE C. Posted Tue 11 Mar 2008 12:11pm 4 Comments Let your thoughts go loose, listen to birds, observe nature Read on »
Alzheimer’s: A walk a day brings good health to mind and body by Mom-n-Me Posted Wed 25 May 2011 10:56am 05/25/2011 By ~ Sandy Leave a Comment “The news about medications has become particularly disappointing lately.”  That’s the statement that jumps out at me as I read, John Zeisel, Ph.D., from the Huffington Post Health. He mentions the use of a drug often prescribed during early stages of Alzheimer’s ... Read on »
Learn How to Lose Weight by Walking. Useful Things to Bear in Mind by Todd S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 08 Jul 2009 9:39pm Looking for a simple and natural way to lose weight? Well, my congratulations, you have finally found it! This article is totally devoted to a simple walking as one of the most effective methods to lose weight in a healthy manner. What can be easier? Let’s talk about the benefits that you will gain in the case you will be walking every d ... Read on »
Change Your Mind - & Your Life Will Also Change - in 3 Weeks by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert Posted Wed 11 Jan 2012 6:06am Today's blog post is a reprint of my January 2011 monthly newsletter feature article ( subscribe here ): Here is my gift for you, my reader, as we are on the verge of entering a New Year. But even if we weren’t, or even if you read this article at any time at all during the year, you can begin the three week process whenever yo ... Read on »
Change Your Mind - & Your Life Will Also Change - in 3 Weeks by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert Posted Fri 08 Jul 2011 12:01pm  Many people have asked me to re-print my New Year's newsletter article from January 2011 Change Your Mind - & Your Life Will Also Change - in 3 Weeks because of my 21-day program I recommend in the article, so here it is again ... if you can just love yourself enough to do it, you will find that things change very rapidly in your life ( ... Read on »
Walking To Boost Metabolism by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Oct 2012 1:38am A few years ago I joined a walking club. As we don’t have a dog, I found it difficult to just take a walk without having a goal and walking alone without anyone to share the experience, or to chat with on the way, didn’t appeal to me. I soon found that walking was not only getting me out and about, I was also meeting other people, and I soon fo ... Read on »