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Ode to the granuloma by pathologystudent Posted Mon 18 Apr 2011 6:57am The first thing I think of when I hear “granuloma” is the Knack song My Sharona . It just fits so nicely in there, right where My Sharona would be…”Come a little closer, close enough to look at my granuloma.” Okay, it doesn’t make any sense, but maybe someone will come up with some nice memory device based on the song. Silliness asi ... Read on »
Reader Question: Suture Granuloma? My Suture’s Spitting Out! by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Tue 28 Jul 2009 12:00am Reader Question: I had a Tummy Tuck and my doctor told me that he used dissolvable stitches. I am 5 weeks out and have formed a few painful little bumps along the scar line. My doctor removed a clear stitch from one of them that looked like fishing line with some pus today and I am freaking out! When do these hellish dissolvable ... Read on »
Excessive fibrosis of supraclavicular lymph-node granulomas in a patient with progressive systemic sclerosis by Jan Posted Tue 16 Mar 2010 12:00am By A. P. Andonopoulos and G. Tzanakakis Summary The case of a 29-year-old white female with a 7-year history of typical scleroderma is presented who developed excessive fibrosis of the supraclavicular lymph nodes. After 3 years of disease, firm right supraclavicular lymphadenopathy appeared, accompanied by a high fever. Biops ... Read on »
What goes on inside a caseating granuloma? by pathologystudent Posted Thu 10 Mar 2011 11:07am Q. Are the caseating granulomas seen in tuberculosis considered part of innate or adaptive immunity? What’s happening inside them? A. Caseating granulomas are a part of adaptive immunity.  Having said that, innate immune cells (macrophages) are heavily involved. There are several steps in the process of granuloma formation in tuberc ... Read on »
Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex in Cats by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Posted Mon 09 Jul 2012 7:00am Dealing with dermatologic problems in cats (and dogs) often requires a lot of patience. Picture this scenario: An owner brings in her cat with the complaint of itching and hair loss, and expects, not unreasonably, that a veterinarian will perform a physical examination, maybe run a few simple and inexpensive diagnostic tests, and come up with the ... Read on »
Since the endometrium is losing every month, any granulomas happen to be poorly produced by winter1101 Posted Thu 24 Oct 2013 6:19pm Chlamydia symptoms in women. Quite often, the ailment remains to be muted before it has distributed in order to local regions along with internal organs. A person.    unnatural bleeding- hefty swelling among intervals, and also weighty bleeding for the duration of unpredictable time periods. Only two.    pain through sexual intercourse. A fe ... Read on »
Foreign Body Granuloma by Gailvs Posted Wed 04 May 2011 1:24pm I had a permanent filler Amazingel injected in my lips 10 years ago and 3 years ago I developed foreign body granuloma.   I have had 4 operations, 8 sessions of cortisone injections and taken Prograf for a period of 6 months to no avail.   If anyone has any other suggestions as far as treatment is concerned please contact me urgently Read on »
Treatment for Midline Hernias by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Posted Fri 12 Feb 2010 8:01am Arjun Shankar writes about hernias that occur in the midline of the abdomen – these are second in frequency only to groin hernias. Now that sutured repairs have been superseded by mesh there have been significant reductions in recurrence rates. The technological advances for midline hernia meshes allow them to be safely placed directly onto the ... Read on »
Midline and Inguinal Hernias – Latest Treatment Options from London Teaching Hospital Specialists by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Posted Tue 18 May 2010 2:04am The body is no different to any other structure and the seams or joins are always the weakest link. Too tight or too loose and a seam will either not work or will tear. The abdomen is surrounded by numerous muscles to keep the stomach, small intestine, and colon in place, but if one of these organs slips though a weakness or a hole in the muscl ... Read on »
5 Fun Ways to Practice Crossing Midline by Your Therapy Source Posted Thu 05 Sep 2013 9:48am Here are 5 fun ways to encourage crossing midline: 1.  Hit a ball holding a bat with two hands.  Put a ball on a tee or hang one from the ceiling.  Practice hitting the ball always making sure both hands stay on the bat. 2.  Play clapping games.  Girls in particular love the play clapping games.  Teach children Miss Mary Mack or check o ... Read on »