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Please help us!! by Cole Twins Posted Thu 10 Dec 2009 12:00am Dear friends: Many of you that we have had our fair share of hard times (medically) in the last 4 years. Carson and Cooper (and recently Keegan) struggling with Sagittal and Metopic Craniosynostosis: (The sagittal suture runs from a spot at the front of the head to the back of the skulI. Fusion of the suture results in a long, narrow ... Read on »
One little boy’s ultra marathon by RunMom Posted Tue 29 May 2012 12:00am Do you like running on treadmill? Neither does Kathy Sebright. In fact, she despises it. Ask her about the treadmill and she’ll tell you in no uncertain terms, “I only run on it when there are no other options for getting outside. I run outside year round. Snow, ice, wind, rain, heat, blazing humidity - you name it, I'm there.” But in les ... Read on »
Different Types of Craniosynostosis and Treatment Options by Hpcsurgery Facebook Posted Mon 17 Dec 2012 5:10am   Craniosynostosis is a birth defect, which occurs when the sutures on the head of the baby close earlier than normal. Normally, the sutures close when the child is two or three years old. When they close early, the baby’s head assumes an abnormal shape. The cause of Craniosynostosis is unknown. Genes may play a role in the development of this ... Read on »
Craniosynostosis Surgery to Improve the Symmetry and Appearance of the Head by Hpcsurgery Facebook Posted Mon 24 Dec 2012 4:00am Craniosynostosis is a gene-linked birth defect associated with an abnormal skull shape. If one or more cranial sutures close prematurely, it results in craniosynostosis. In normal cases, brain growth is possible by the skull expansion. However, in craniosynostosis, the brain cannot grow fully as the cranial bones have fused prematurely at the ... Read on »
Craniosynostosis: Treatment Options by Hpcsurgery Facebook Posted Mon 22 Jul 2013 9:03am Craniosynostosis is a birth defect and it occurs due to the early closure of the sutures on the baby’s head. Normally, closure is noticed when the child is 2 or 3 years old. When the sutures close early, the head assumes an abnormal shape. The cause of this condition is not clearly known. A major role is played by the genes in contributing to t ... Read on »
Surgical Techniques for Craniosynostosis by Hpcsurgery Facebook Posted Mon 29 Oct 2012 5:31am Craniosynostosis is a condition in which the skull has an abnormal shape. It develops when there is a failure in the growth of two or more than two bones out of the seven main bones of the cranium after the cranial sutures fuse prematurely. As a result, the normal development of the skull and the brain is affected. There are many reliable and exper ... Read on »
Genetics Home Reference: 9q22.3 microdeletion by Posted Thu 20 Sep 2012 1:02pm On this page: Description Genetic changes Inheritance Diagnosis Additional information Other names Glossary definitions Reviewed September 2012 What is 9q22.3 microdeletion? 9q22.3 microdeletion is a chromosomal change in which a small pie ... Read on »
Craniosynostosis Surgery Corrects Face and Skull Bone Deformities by Hpcsurgery Facebook Posted Wed 24 Jul 2013 6:57am In a normal skull, you will find various plates of bones that are separated by sutures. When craniosynostosis affects a child, premature closure of sutures occurs and thereby the development of the skull and normal brain are affected. Case-specific treatment is offered for this condition by experienced plastic surgeons at select plastic surgery f ... Read on »
Treatment for Craniosynostosis by Hpcsurgery Facebook Posted Wed 17 Jul 2013 8:19am Craniosynostosis is a birth defect and is a condition in which the skull gains an abnormal shape.  Usually the occurrence is seen when 2 bones of the cranium out of the 7 grow abnormally and when the sutures that hold them together experience premature closure. The condition can be experienced when the baby is still in the womb of the mother. In ... Read on »
Craniosynostosis - An Overview by Hpcsurgery Facebook Posted Tue 09 Oct 2012 2:47am Craniosynostosis is an abnormal condition that is seen at birth. Children with this condition have a head that is abnormally shaped. This is due to the closure of the sutures on the skull, earlier than normal. When the baby is 36 months old, the size of the brain is thrice the original size. Sutures act as a support to the skull so that the gr ... Read on »