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Dealing With Heightened Sense Of Smell {Pregnancy} by Perfectskincare C. Facebook Posted Tue 04 Sep 2012 2:30pm My sense of smell isn't strong at all. Even when the food burns when left on the gas for long, I can barely smell it from the next room. But during pregnancy, my nose all of sudden started working and was out of my control. Yes, one of the biggest disadvantages is heightened sense of smell.  Its not always same with everyone. ... Read on »
What sense of smell – odors – tells us about mental illness? by David M. Posted Mon 13 May 2013 5:00am Is there a connection between sense of smell and mental illness? There is a body of research that tells us that there is a connection between sense of smell, your ability to recognize and identify odors and the chance you have or will develop a mental illness. There are also cases of olfactory hallucinations; smelling things that eve ... Read on »
Decline in Sense of Smell Possible Alzheimer's Indicator by Anthony Cirillo Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 15 Feb 2010 5:38am Research in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests that loss of smell be an early indicator of Alzheimer's disease. People with Alzheimer's are already known to suffer from loss of smell. But the new research pinpoints a direct link between development of amyloid plaques and a worsening sense of smell. The mice tested with the plaques h ... Read on »
A fading sense of smell may sign ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 12 Dec 2008 1:27pm A fading sense of smell may signal onset of Parkinson's disease Northwestern Memorial physicians participate in study to detect early indicators and identify those at increased risk CHICAGO, 12 dec 2008 — Many individuals with Parkinson's disease are able to recall losing their sense of smell well before the onset of more commonly recognize ... Read on »
Does ADHD improve your sense of smell? by Nicolas I. Patient Expert Posted Thu 19 Feb 2009 6:26pm Due to a high degree of overlap in symptoms with other disorders, finding accurate ways of differentiating ADHD is of utmost importance. Based on a recent study by Romanos and coworkers, it appears that individuals with ADHD may be able to "sniff out" their disorder. In a publication on Improved Odor Sensitivity in ADHD, Romanos and others found th ... Read on »
Sense of smell by Pharmacy God .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 14 Oct 2008 4:56am For some professions, a keen sense of smell is good thing. It can help people determine if a product is going to be pleasing to the consumer. It can also help to detect dangers in other professions. The sense of smell can also be a bad thing. You see, Pharmacy God's sense of smell is highly attuned and is the cause of many migraine/cluster ... Read on »
Cravings and our sense of smell by Mike Patten, DC Facebook Posted Thu 05 Aug 2010 11:12am Yesterday I started into cravings.  Exploring the idea of cravings and the reason why we have them.  Cravings come from imbalances within the body and extracellular fluid.  I gave a brief intro in the extracellular fluid yesterday and made a reference to the hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus is a region in the brain.  To better give you an idea o ... Read on »
Does alcohol improve your sense of smell? The Beauty Brains Show episode 46 by Sarah B. Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Sep 2014 5:05am Tune in this week to learn how alcohol can improve your sense of smell. Plus another thought provoking round of of Beauty Science or Bullsh*t! Click below to play Episode 46 or click “download” to save the MP3 file to your computer. Show notes Which of these natural sources has NOT been the inspiration for a next generation c ... Read on »
Wordy Wednesday – the sense of smell by Maddy M. Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 9:36pm “A floor plan? You don’t know anything about architecture do you?” “What I know about architecture could be written on the back of a postage stamp.” “So why to we have a picture of a floor plan then?” “Just think of it as a map, put you in the picture as we go from A to B, so you can ... Read on »
Sense of smell triggers emotions by Kara Herron Posted Fri 02 Oct 2009 3:05pm Something weird happened to me this morning in the shower. Last year, during most of my surgeries and during chemo, I used this body wash soap (Olay Ribbons with lotion). But, I haven't used it for quite awhile. This morning I opened the bottle and used it. Mistake. As soon as I smelled the soap (which actually smells really good), I started h ... Read on »