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Weight Gain Hits Women After Marriage, Men After Divorce: Study by HealthFinder Posted Mon 22 Aug 2011 1:00pm healthnewslink Married women may become more sedentary, while divorced men lose marriage's 'health benefit,' researchers contend ... Read on »
Moving on from Martial Separation and Divorce – Men’s General Guide by MenAfterDivorce Posted Mon 11 Oct 2010 4:09am Moving on from marital separation and divorce is no easy task. It does not matter whether you’re a man or a woman, the fact still remains that divorce will still affect you mentally and emotionally. The only big difference between the two is that women are able to count on more organizations and support groups while men generally are left to fend ... Read on »
Best Tips For Men Going Through a Divorce by MenAfterDivorce Posted Wed 16 Feb 2011 10:45am Guest Post! To undergo divorce can very wearisome. It calls for vigor, physical, mental, and emotional stability, money, and time to get through it. Considering the mentioned things, who would not get stressed? So to overcome divorce and the things it includes, let us collect and talk about some effective Divorce help for men. This will he ... Read on »
Stroke Risk in Adult Men Tied to Parental Divorce by Lena Butler Posted Fri 14 Sep 2012 1:46pm A new study carried out by researchers from the University of Toronto found that men who have divorced parents are at higher risk of stroke. The study , featured on Medical News Today and was published this month in the International Journal of Stroke, reveals that adult men are thrice as likely to have stroke if their parents divorced be ... Read on »
Divorce For Men - Can It Be Good For You? by MenAfterDivorce Posted Mon 21 May 2012 10:02am There is something good in failed relationships. Surfing the internet I read an article about how it can help you to grow by learning from the experience. In divorce, if you dwell too much with the pain, you will not be able to learn from the situation. Divorce may also mean a rebirth if you found a new meaning and a new life in the expe ... Read on »
Coping With Divorce for Men – 3 Rules, That Can Be Of Help by MenAfterDivorce Posted Tue 19 Oct 2010 3:35am Men who tend to not cope with the divorce can be confused and quite frustrated. As men go throughout their lives they may feel that everything seems unfair, painful or even upside down. They would be probably in a slippery slope which they keep sliding down no matter how many times they climbed it.   Men who feel useless turn themselves into usin ... Read on »
Recovery after Divorce for Men – 3 Rules to Follow by MenAfterDivorce Posted Mon 11 Oct 2010 4:55am Being divorced is not the end of the world, but asks the men and women involved in the process and you will get an idea of how close it is to the term. Recovery after divorce for men can be quite difficult and complicated and learning to recover properly and heal emotionally is essential to moving on with your life. While understanding every e ... Read on »
Clear Evidence Illustrates How the Economics of Divorce Favor Men by JoGo Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 14 Jul 2010 7:35am THE FACTS SPEAK FOR ALL WOMEN, OUR DIVORCE PROCESS ECONOMICALLY FAVORS MEN So Much for Equality and Justice for All…… Women over 35 continue to earn just 75% of what our male colleagues do, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, which just released 2009 earnings numbers for men and women in the US. That number has barely bud ... Read on »
Men Leave: Separation And Divorce Far More Common When The Wife Is The Patient by stuart Patient Expert Posted Tue 17 Nov 2009 10:20pm For those that know me and have heard me speak; have often heard me say the same (unfortunate) thing (as what you read below). --Maybe not have said the exact wording, but the same context. - --Stuart Schlossman ScienceDaily (Nov. 10, 2009)— A woman is six times more likely to be separated or divorced soon after a diagnosis of ca ... Read on »
How To Move On After Divorce for Men - Your Pen Will Help You by MenAfterDivorce Posted Sat 19 May 2012 6:22am Finding the right path that leads towards acceptance and moving on from a divorce may be a long and agonizing process. What maybe hindering you from doing so are your negative thoughts and crippling emotions. This complexity of your mind makes it hard for you to leave the difficult situation you are in and take your road towards a future tha ... Read on »