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Genetics Home Reference: medullary cystic kidney disease type 1 by Posted Tue 18 Jun 2013 12:56pm On this page: Description Genetic changes Inheritance Diagnosis Additional information Other names Glossary definitions Reviewed June 2013 What is medullary cystic kidney disease type 1? Medullary cystic kidney disease type 1 (MCKD1) is an ... Read on »
Tampons Are the Latest Product to Go Green – Well Sort Of With Sea Sponges by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 25 Jul 2010 6:38pm This is a product called Sea Pearls that is a “sea sponge” kit that replaces tampons.  They are natural and can be re-used.  If you remember a few years back we had the toxic shock syndrome associated with tampons and their use.  The sea sponges are organic. In addition the website, which is in the UK has a number of places to buy them; ... Read on »
Swallow A Sponge and Check for Oesophageal Cancer–The Cytosponge Study and Trial by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 13 Sep 2010 9:25am Research scientists have created sponge, tied to a string that the patient swallows and it collects cells from the stomach.  The sponge is being tested in the UK and has been used with some pretty high accuracy of around 90%. The test could be given in a primary practice office and would stand to be a lot less expensive than an endoscope ... Read on »
Robots Giving Sponge Baths In the Hospital –Proto Type at Georgia Tech by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 09 Nov 2010 10:33pm I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite ready to have something like this looking at me when I wake up in a hospital bed, much less give me a sponge bath.  I guess that is ok as this is a proto type and not quite ready for prime time, yet.  The robot scans you first too!  From what else I am reading here this has some remote human interve ... Read on »
SpongeBob Is Giving Your Kids ADHD by Dr. Rory S. Doctor of PsychologyHealth Maven Posted Wed 14 Sep 2011 10:35am SpongeBob and ADHD? Did you hear this yet? A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, suggests that kids around 4 years of age demonstrated decreased attention levels after watching only nine minutes of the favored Nickelodeon show SpongeBob Squarepants. Two groups were tested, one watched SpongeBob Squarepants and the ... Read on »
Product Review: Weight Watchers Golden Sponge Cake by Roni N. Patient Expert Posted Tue 14 Oct 2008 12:23pm It’s been a long time since I had a Twinkie and to be honest I wasn’t THAT big of a fan. I mean, don’t get me wrong, as a kid if someone offered me one I wasn’t going to turn it down but I was more of a Devil Dog, Ring Ding girl myself. So when Weight Watchers asked if I would try their new Golden Sponge Cake I said SURE! But I was really hoping ... Read on »
Swimming and SpongeBob Squarepan ... by Sensationally Red Patient Expert Posted Sat 13 Jun 2009 12:00am Swimming and SpongeBob Squarepants I went back to the inner city pool for my swim today, after crossing over to the fancy swim joint last week. I was disappointed, again, the nice pool was filled to capacity with older woman doing water aerobics. I was still able to swim, but on the other side that incorporates the fancy lazy river thing. Th ... Read on »
Whoever said kids are like sponges was right! by Helene Patient Expert Posted Wed 14 Jan 2009 8:55pm Cole and Bella are little sponges...they observe, listen and then eventually repeat back to me something I might have said one month ago. How do their little brains remember so much?? Take for instance the fact that everytime Cole hurts Bella, he instantly says "sorry" and thinks that makes everything okay. So one day I told him "lo ... Read on »
sponges by Amy .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 07 Sep 2008 8:26pm Ever wonder what exactly the sponge you use to wash dishes is made of? I owe this fantastic tip to my friend, Hannah. She told me that she buys the Trader Joe's pop-up sponges made of natural cellulose. You can compost them once done! I'm sure you can find similar sponges at other stores. Just make sure they are made from natural cellulose. ... Read on »
Are You Cleaning Your Dishes with a Dirty Dish Sponge? by Stan Patient Expert Posted Thu 27 Nov 2008 10:58am Ahhhh, washing dishes.  Women hate it, men loathe it, teenagers despise it and dogs love it (they get the scraps).  We all need to eat, which means washing dishes is something we all have to do.  Dishing washing techniques vary from person to person.  There are those who fill the sink and those who wash under running water.  Then there are those ... Read on »