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Runner’s Tech: BRD Sport G18 Knee Brace Review by irunnerblog Posted Thu 24 May 2012 12:00pm Contrary to popular misconception, running is not bad for your knee – at least no worse than other sports. But knee injuries are still common in runners regardless of what researchers may say. For runners, one way to add structural support to the knee – particularly in rehabilitating from ligament injuries- is the use of a knee brace. I rece ... Read on »
he had a small injury to his knee by ztaibaba Posted Tue 05 Feb 2013 2:37am   It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Flexibility is a crucial element in avoiding injury, and core strength, many feel, is the fundamental basis ofauthentic nfl jerseys all conditioning. I've got a pretty cool tool I've created via Excel for fundamental analysis. Soon after, eight ... Read on »
Sports Injuries, Treatments and Medical Tourism by Healthbase O. Posted Wed 28 Jan 2009 8:16pm Sports injuries are inevitable when indulging in physically demanding or contact sports. So much so that there is an altogether separate branch of medicine dedicated to the treatment of sports injuries and is called sports medicine. While minor wounds can heal in a few days or weeks, major ones may require surgical attention. However, just like a ... Read on »
Question from a reader: MCL Tear and What To Do? by Doug K. Patient Expert Posted Tue 24 Mar 2009 3:15pm 1 Comment This takes less than 8 minutes to read. If you have an MCL injury, you'll find it very worthwhile. I recently received an email from a reader, Nancy, (the email is below my answer with personal information removed) who was struggling with a few things after tearing her Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) in her knee. I boiled them down to these: ... Read on »
Hey, Bears. When you MRI Cutler’s Knee? Check his GUTS, Too! by Bill S. Health Maven Posted Mon 24 Jan 2011 1:27pm Poor Jay Cutler . The Bears quarterback had a boo-boo owie on his elbow. And he says his KNEE was owie, too! From a Sports Illustrated online article this morning… Cutler appeared genuinely hurt when asked about the comments, saying: “No comment on that.” He then turned his back to reporters, fiddled with some things on a shelf ... Read on »
Boston Celtics' Kendrick Perkins Knee Injury and Doctor's Xray Vision by Davis Liu Medical Doctor Posted Thu 17 Jun 2010 11:04pm Boston Celtics' basketball player Kendrick Perkins injured his knee during the NBA Finals against the Lakers when he landed awkwardly. Unable to weightbear, he left Game 6 not to return for the following pivotal Game 7. Based on his mechanism of injury and his physical examination, his trainer reported that he tore his medial collate ... Read on »
First Knee Injury Ever by Jessica D. Patient Expert Posted Mon 17 May 2010 12:00am I've never had a substantial knee injury.  Ever.  From running, baseball, softball, skiing, other sports, etc.  Yesterday was good softball day.. right up until the last inning. Yesterday our first two games went well for me (despite our losses) and I even went 2 for 3 with a lead-off triple in the second game.  On the way over to ... Read on »
Knee Injuries And Rehabilitation by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 08 Apr 2010 6:05pm Knee injuries happen to athletes. You might sustain a knee injury. Rehabilitation of a knee injury can be a long process but you can recover. If you rush the rehabilitation process, you will reinjure yourself! One of the most devastating knee injuries is a knee ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury. A knee ACL (anterior cruciate ... Read on »
2 Tests of Hip Strength and Stability That Can Determine Your Risk of Running Knee Injuries by runnersconnect Posted Tue 14 May 2013 6:00am As a high school track and field coach, I get to work with athletes with a huge range of abilities.  Some are very talented and naturally strong, able to take to any new sport or form of exercise with ease, while others are somewhat uncoordinated and weak when it comes to general strength and athleticism. Surprisingly, good runners come fro ... Read on »
Key-Hole Surgery for Knee Injury Doesn't Lower Arthritis Risk by HealthFinder Posted Tue 29 Jun 2010 10:00am healthnewslink Arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn ligament or injured cartilage doesn't prevent joint disease, study shows. ... Read on »