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Maxillary Nerve Block by Dr. Josh A. Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 12:13pm This morning I was working on endodontic treatment on tooth #5. I had used several carpules of 2% lidocaine with 1:100k epinephrine, Septocaine with 1:100k epinephrine, and plain carbocaine. The patient was still really feeling a lot of pain. Obviously there really should not have been any error in anesthesia technique for an upper tooth. For s ... Read on »
4th Canal on Maxillary Molar by Dr. Jason Hales Doctor of Dentistry Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 7:02pm This root canal was completed 2 months ago. The patient continued to report pain with no relief. The dentist had also recently worked on #2, placing an occlusal restoration. My examination found #2 & #3 both very sensitive to percussion, normal probings and lingering pain to cold on #2. Since both teeth were very sensitive, the diagnosti ... Read on »
Setting Maxillary and Mandibular Posterior Teeth by Patrice S. Posted Tue 25 Oct 2011 10:00am Here goes the setting of the posterior teeth Maxillary Left Posteriors Set Ignore those gaping holes, I made them for adjusting the 2nd premolar and 1st molar. Not complete because of constant adjustment Again, not complete because of constant adjustment except I have to rei ... Read on »
Setting Maxillary Anterior Teeth by Patrice S. Posted Fri 07 Oct 2011 10:00am I don't like to stay in school longer that I need to. I'm there from 8am to 5pm everyday, after which I've had enough! This is how the "Home Lab" was invented:  Something tells me I need to correct the position of the left canine  lateral: Left View Lateral: Right View Fron ... Read on »
Why does my upper jaw ache whenever i bite? I am also having flu now. Are they related? by Just Ask Posted Tue 17 Aug 2010 9:29am First and foremost, i would advise you to visit a dentist for a thorough check up on the teeth and surrounding structures. Very often, there is nothing unusual detected inside your mouth ( if there is, please have them rectify by your dentist as soon as possible). Next, please ask yourself the following questions. 1. Are you curren ... Read on »
Bone loss and dental implants by Dr. Long Posted Sat 07 Nov 2009 6:30am 1 Comment Bones to Blame for Aging FaceThey shrink as years go by, and this process is faster in women, study finds SUNDAY, Sept. 25 (HealthDay News) -- Beauty, and age, is more than skin deep. In fact, it's bone-deep, a new study finds. Researchers say shrinking facial bones play a major role in facial aging and that women experience this type of faci ... Read on »
Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) - What is it? by stuart Patient Expert Posted Wed 14 Jan 2009 8:26pm OBTAINED from Bonnie at: Tr igeminal Neuralgia (TN) What is it? TN is an extremely severe facial pain that tends to come and go unpredictably in sudden shock-like attacks. The pain is often described as stabbing, shooting, excruciating, burning, extremely stron ... Read on »
Sleep Apnea and the Reason for Facial Wrinkles by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor Posted Thu 04 Feb 2010 6:35am One of the main reasons why sleep apnea is so common these days is that modern human's facial skeleton and jaws are much smaller than what they used to be hundreds of years ago. Dentists are saying that people didn't get impacted molars hundreds of years agosince they had much more room inside their mouths. Dr. Weston Pricein his classic bookNu ... Read on »
What You Can Do About Your Stuffy Nose by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor Posted Thu 25 Mar 2010 6:13pm Although many people assume that big nosed people naturally breathe better, there's nothing further from the truth.  The shape and size of your nose is mostly cosmetic. How well you breathe actually depends on what your internal breathing passageways look like. And for many sleep apnea sufferers, a stuffy nose can make or break their treatmen ... Read on »
Many Tests Later ... by Nathan M. Patient Expert Posted Sat 23 Aug 2008 11:44pm Welcome back everyone! I know that it has been more than a month since I last posted, and many of you are wondering about how I am doing with my cough. Well, I still have it. It's been about six weeks now, and I've taken two different antibiotics as well as a cough suppressant and something to get the mucus out of my chest. None of the medica ... Read on »