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Dear Mark: Fenugreek and HGH, Marathons and Strength Training, Gluten and Eczema, and Insect Nutrition by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 16 Jan 2012 1:57am Today’s Monday question and answer post is a fun one. I look into whether a claim about fenugreek and human growth hormone by the great Dr. Mehmet Oz pans out (hint: he’s off, but not by much). Then, I discuss how to strength train as a marathon runner (hint: short and intense), after which I explore the nutritional content of edible insects. ... Read on »
Strength Training During Marathon Training by Carrots 'N' Cake Patient Expert Posted Tue 10 May 2011 12:17pm GAH!!! My head is spinning. There’s a lot happening on the work front this week. It’s all good stuff, but woah. I’m feeling totally overwhelmed. Sorry for the negative intro. I guess I just don’t deal with stress well. Snack Mid-morning, I took a break from the madness at my desk and munched on a cinnamon almond Raw Way Bar ... Read on »
Improve your Marathon Time With Strength Training by NTrainers Posted Thu 14 Apr 2011 1:51pm If you are training to run a marathon, and already run regularly, then it ╒ s important be aware of a common mistake that many marathon runners make during training. Most runners never consider strength training to boost their times, and instead focus on cardiovascular training. While running consistently can help, your muscles need additional st ... Read on »
Why is it Important for All Marathon Runners to do some Strength Training by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Wed 02 Jan 2013 3:54am Do you know how important strength training is when it comes to preparing yourself for a marathon race? A huge number of marathon runners tend to ignore the importance of strength training and prefer to work on other aspects of a typical marathon training like Endurance and Hydration. Training to boost your physical endurance as [...] Read on »
Guest Post: Strength Training for Marathon Runners by Jenn @ RunItMyWay Posted Tue 14 Aug 2012 8:00am I'm really excited to feature the amazing, gorgeous and talented Debbie from Live from LaQuinta  , a fellow Sweat Pink and FitFluential Ambassador, for a guest post today!! * * * * * So, you’re training for a marathon. Whether it is your first or your 10th 26.2 mile race, the question may occur to you, “Should I be lifting weights?” ... Read on »
How Can Strength Training Help You Improve your Marathon Time by NTrainers Posted Thu 14 Apr 2011 1:44pm If you are interested in running a marathon, or already run regularly, then you should be aware of the number one mistake that many marathon runners make. Most runners never consider strength training to boost their times, and instead focus on cardiovascular training. While running consistently can help, your muscles need additional strength in o ... Read on »
The Best of Strength Running: Endurance and Marathon Training by Jason Fitzgerald Posted Thu 23 Aug 2012 8:00am by Jason Fitzgerald This is the second article in a 3-part series focusing on the best material on Strength Running. Today, we dive into endurance. I’m personally fascinated with gaining endurance and increasing aerobic capacity. It’s so seemingly simple (run more) but of course, simple a ... Read on »
Woes of strength training by HappyHealthyRunner Health MavenFacebook Posted Wed 05 Oct 2011 2:12pm Strength training is something that I’ve really struggled with throughout marathon training because (and I know that some of my runner friends  don’t feel this way) I like strength-training. It’s probably kind of petty but I like seeing definition, specifically in my arms. But strength-training and heavy running don’t seem to like me when I pai ... Read on »
Are You Strong Enough And Fast Enough For Marathon Day by NTrainers Posted Thu 14 Apr 2011 1:59pm After completing several marathons and and already run regularly for the past 15 years, it’s become apparent what can help make you a better runner and keep you running injury-free longer.   You’ve got to be aware of a common mistake that many runners make when training for their first marathon. We’re not talking about the front of the pack runne ... Read on »
Five Resistance Training Myths in the Running World by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:30pm 1 Comment To some, resistance training is the Rodney Dangerfield of the running community; it gets no respect. To others, it’s like Tom Cruise; runners think it might be useful, but it just doesn’t make any sense to them. And then, there are those to whom resistance training is like Abraham Lincoln; it’s freed them from being slaves to ineffective pro ... Read on »