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Deciphering the Long Slow Distance Run (Part II) by The Laminator Posted Sat 23 Apr 2011 11:23am photo by Ken Lund In the previous post, we discussed the basics of what a long run is and why it is important, at least on a practical level.  Here, in this post, i’d like to expand on these concepts, talk about speed as it pertains to the long run and discuss why it is so important to run long runs at the appropriate pace to ... Read on »
What Is Recovery From Sports Performance? by Tom H. Patient Expert Posted Tue 03 Mar 2009 2:50pm What is recovery from strenuous sports performance training about? People who exercise regularly and play sports often spend a lot of time preparing careful sports performance training programmes. These focus on positively building all the areas of fitness and technique important to the successful conduct of their favorite activity. Some enthusi ... Read on »
Should Pitchers Distance Run? What the Research Says. by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 22 Aug 2012 11:01am Today's guest blog comes from current CP intern, Rob Rabena.  Rob recently completed his master's thesis research on the effects of interval training versus steady state aerobic training on pitching performance in Division 2 pitchers.  He's in a great position to fill us in on the latest research with respect to the distance running for pitchers ... Read on »
Easy Run by Samantha Angela Posted Mon 07 May 2012 8:04pm Easy Run Saturday afternoon between cleaning the bathroom and baking cookies I was looking for something to do so I decided to go for an 3 mile Easy Run. Easy runs are short runs performed at a long distance pace, so you should feel pretty comfortable when you do them. You can use them to build aerobic fitn ... Read on »
Developing Hip Function: A Hallmark of Athleticism by Scott K. Patient Expert Posted Tue 07 Oct 2008 6:11pm Quiz Time What do the following things have in common? Sitting at a desk Long distance running Improper squatting Chondromalacia and other knee problems Lower back pain And what about these? An uppercut A homerun swing Sprinting Dunking a basketball The inability to lie (Oh, you knew it was coming and ... Read on »
The Secret to Fast and Easy Weight Loss by Total Health Breakthroughs Patient Expert Posted Tue 08 Dec 2009 12:00am By Total Health Breakthroughs 04/21/2009 In This Issue: By James LaValle, R.Ph, ND, CCN We have only six short weeks left until Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer and bathing suit season for most people. If your New Year’s resolution to lose weight ... Read on »
Fit to fight..Rich Seymour's fighting fit! by Richard S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 27 Dec 2009 5:10am Strength the foundation of nearly all physique and performance goals. When you're strong, you more easily gain muscle size, lose fat, run faster, hit harder and play longer. 1.) Own the "big four." The squat, deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press are the best strength-building exercises, period. The chinup and row are great moves ... Read on »
Weekly Weigh-In: Another 3.4 lbs Lost by Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 27 Jul 2009 10:16pm I lost another 3.4 lbs this past week making my total weight loss so far 66.6 lbs lost. I now weigh 281.4 lbs. I’m at an all time Tampa, FL low. By that I mean that I haven’t been this “light” since moving to Florida four years ago. This past week was a good one. I was able to get myself on video performing a chin up , some burpees, and I’v ... Read on »
Long Distance Running-Can I Maintain? by Kathy .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 18 Oct 2008 2:34pm 2 Comments On Saturday I ran a half marathon. 13 miles. No race. No event. No cheering spectators. Just me and my Asics, two gel packs, some water and a few crackers to fill up my stomach. I have to say, it was an awesome run. I added on two miles so I got to explore unchartered territory in the form of a neighborhood with old Craftsman homes. It ... Read on »
The Right Exercise For Your Body Type by OurHealth Posted Mon 15 Mar 2010 8:13am By, Vanessa OurHealth Staff Writer My body needs a lot of high intensity cardio. A year and a half ago I started running and I’ve experienced the most success that I have ever had with maintaining a particular weight without major dieting. Running works for my body type. The only other thing that’s come close to running for me is Spinning/in ... Read on »