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History by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert Posted Mon 03 May 2010 7:51am A recent friend asked if I've ever written a history of events for the blog. I have, but it's been a while. After Lisa asked, it occurred to me that a brief recap of the last three years would be helpful to new readers. I promised to dash one off only to be stymied by other engagements. When I did find the time to sit and write, I couldn't ... Read on »
Let's have some fun.....I want to know! by Barbie Posted Sun 19 Feb 2012 12:41pm The Pioneer Woman is having a romantic movie contest on her blog and while reading the finalists and some people comments on the finalists it made me think of MY favorite romantic movies. It is February and I was thinking what are YOUR favorite romantic movies? Here are mine. lasting favorite:  While you were Sleeping Funny, sweet, u ... Read on »
#3 Life Lesson: You Get Back On by Doug S. Posted Sun 01 Apr 2012 2:50am Chances are our budding love affair with riding bikes was also where we received some of our first significant dings.  Mine was a nice set of stitches across the chin, a first for those but not to be the last.  One of my best buddies from grade school (and still around) knocked himself unconscious on a wicked dirt jump we built in my bac ... Read on »
LUMPS AND BUMPS by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 02 Sep 2012 12:00am Here we are at Labor Day weekend.  Where has the summer gone???  Hopefully, all of you are looking forward to at least a couple of months of beautiful and comfortable weather.  Here in Flagstaff, the months of September, October, and November are the favorite part of the year for Desperado and Helpful Buckeye.  We were down in the Phoenix area t ... Read on »
Update on Breast Lump and Node ... by Jo C. Burzycki Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 04 Apr 2008 2:38pm 3 Comments Update on Breast Lump and Node in NeckI felt so kinky on Monday, I got felt up by a chic while two guys watched. GO ME!!!!Okay so what really happened is the breast surgeon examined me at my appointment and I could have given a shit less that two med students watched. LMFAO.The word on the lump in my right breast is that it does NOT look to be a ... Read on »
Lump in the breast… crap, fixing my sleep and 3 Littmanns on my neck :D… pu by Strapples Patient Expert Posted Tue 29 Jun 2010 12:00am Great, you know about my left breast? The “boob”, the one thats abnormally large. Well it has a huge golf ball sized lump in it so we are making an urgent ultrasound appointment at the breast center, hoping it’s not cancer! I spent a lot of my nights the last two nights not sleeping and working on ... Read on »
lump in neck with tsh level of 0.006 by DebnDav Posted Thu 04 Nov 2010 8:12pm Hey, I am a 41 yr old female with a past history of ovarian and uterine cancer. I just had a check up and my tsh was 0.006, and recently I found a lump as wide as my 3 fingers above my collar bone, i am really worried that my cancer has returned. See my dr in the morning for the lump, and see the new endo on the 15th. Help! worried! scared! Read on »
Large lump on 6 yo sons neck by hlismom Posted Wed 21 Oct 2009 7:25pm 2 nights ago my 6 yo son got out of bed in the middle of the night. he ran into the corner of his door and claims to have hit the side of his head right above his ear.  He screamed like he had never screamed before... The next day we discovered a large (golf ball sized) lump on his neck below his ear (same side of his head that he hit).  It is ... Read on »
My 14 pound dog has a mark (maybe a lump) on her neck by Lovemydoggies Posted Fri 10 Jul 2009 9:12am    Rin is approx. 1 years old and female. We got her from a puppy mill, so we don't really know any of her health history. We realized a couple days ago that she has a mark that kind of looks like a dark callous on her neck. It is not flat, but it could still be considered a lump. I am just wondering if there's anything other than cancer that ... Read on »
Chemo 4/ Follow-up visit by fire_sign67 Posted Mon 10 Aug 2009 4:32pm Wow, I guess I lost interest in this for awhile. Sorry guys, I know people are looking for updates. Well now you're gonna get a long one because it was a pretty important day. Well Monday I had round 4. I also had an appointment with the my gyn. onc - the first time since I began chemo. I was looking forward to this appointment for awhile beca ... Read on »