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The Portfolio Diet: Lower Cholesterol Without Statin Drugs? by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Sun 28 Sep 2008 11:51am Find out whether the Portfolio Diet can help you lower cholesterol naturally through diet  … without Statin drugs. Could dramatically lowering your cholesterol simply be a matter of eating the right combination of foods? Dr. David J.A. Jenkins thinks so.  And if his research is right, it might actually be possible to cut cholesterol signif ... Read on »
Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Foods by TR Hughes Patient Expert Posted Thu 21 May 2009 11:23pm Thoughts and views from the medical establishment change constantly. Keeping yourself abreast of these changes is fundamental in establishing and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. We learn more and more everyday about the constituents of food and the synergy of food combining. The most perfect food foun ... Read on »
When Lowering Your Cholesterol is Deadly... by mike santoro Posted Mon 22 Mar 2010 5:52am Cholesterol, more accurately lowering your cholesterol, is always getting attention in world of health news, and because of this is a goldmine for pharmaceutical companies. And if high cholesterol is the goldmine then statins (cholesterol lowering medications) are the mother-load of gold, and the pharmaceutical companies are reaping the benefits ... Read on »
The right way to Lower Cholesterol by suosibaiji Posted Mon 15 Apr 2013 8:01am A top high cholesterol amount may influence your well being extremely undesirable. It can result in various other health conditions which in turn heart related illnesses is one of common. We have a connection amongst high cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressurebee pollen pills together with cardiac arrest. It is actually inside of your awaren ... Read on »
Treating High Cholesterol by Healthcare Research & Quality Posted Tue 03 Aug 2010 5:30am Treating High Cholesterol If you're older than 45, there's a good chance that you or someone you know has high cholesterol. It's so common that treating high cholesterol led to 44 million doctor visits in 2006. High cholesterol may be widespread, but understanding how to treat it can be confusing. However ... Read on »
Natural Alternatives to Statins for Lowering Cholesterol by jmcnichol Facebook Posted Wed 23 Feb 2011 11:50am My last post was about what I learned from David Foreman during a heart health presentation he gave last Sunday. That morning, he was interviewed on Let's Talk Live. It's an informative piece. 13% of the adults covered by our health plan take statins and I'm concerned they could have more of a negative impact on my colleagues' health than a ... Read on »
The Truth About the Recent Cholesterol Drug Study by Dr. Jonny B. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Mon 17 Nov 2008 4:13pm Last week, the results of a new study on a cholesterol-lowering drug were released generating a ton of press attention. The study (the JUPITER study) made the front page of the NY Times, was featured on just about every television news show, and generally created a lot of buzz. Even if you weren't paying too much attention- and it was hard not to- ... Read on »
Statins, Leg Pain and Cholesterol: Foodie Alternatives by Dr. John L. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 23 Mar 2010 12:00am The March 19 2010 FDA Warning about Zocor , a statin medication causing myopathy, and rare rhabdomyolysis, makes me think about other ways people who love food can lower their cholesterol too. The simple story is this: eating food with cholesterol in it doesn’t raise your cholesterol level, very much. It’s foods (red meat, cheese) wit ... Read on »
Ending the Cholesterol-Heart Disease Myth! by Tonie K. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 7:06pm Just to confirm my posts last week, the message about high cholesterol and heart disease is news, so get informed and focus on the real culprits. ############### Article compliments of Ending the Cholesterol-Heart Disease Myth by Andreas Moritz (NaturalNews) Why has there never been a record of cholesterol havi ... Read on »
Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease Without Drugs by Mark Hyman, M.D. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 17 Sep 2008 12:04am 1 Comment Last week, I explained how preventing heart disease has very little to do with lowering cholesterol with statin drugs. Today, I am going to tell you how to lower your heart disease risk as well as your cholesterol using a comprehensive dietary and lifestyle approach. ==> Dietary Recommendations to Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease The ... Read on »