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Cookbook Review: "The Diabetes Seafood Cookbook: Fresh, Healthy, Low-Fat Cooking" by DebinHawaii Posted Thu 05 Nov 2009 12:00am I was recently given a chance to review "The Diabetes Seafood Cookbook: Fresh, Healthy, Low-Fat Cooking", written by Barbara Seelig-Brown and published by the American Diabetes Association. I eat some kind of fish at least once or twice a week and I love it for the health benefits and wonderful flavor. Since I do cook fish so often I am always l ... Read on »
22 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 04 Nov 2011 9:00pm Lunch can be a big challenge when you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy. For many of us, it’s the meal most likely to be eaten away from home, squeezed into an already overcrowded day. With so many unhealthy quick and easy options –  from tacos, pizza, burgers and super-sized subs and sandwiches – to all you can eat Chinese buff ... Read on »
Favorite Easy Healthy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sat 04 Feb 2012 5:10pm Easy Healthy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas I just read a fascinating Wall Street Journal article about how healthy foods are making a marketing push for inclusion in the Super Bowl Eating Frenzy. Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest eating occasion after Thanksgiving? According to NPD Group, a New Yo ... Read on »
Recipe #238: Farfalle Alfredo con Funghi e Spinaci (Bow-Tie Pasta in Alfredo Sauce with Mushrooms & Spinach) by Corey I. Patient Expert Posted Wed 02 Feb 2011 6:02pm This is a pasta biana (i.e., a pasta made in a traditional Italian white sauce), but one made without cream. Even so, I'm not going to lie -- due to the mascarpone, butter, olive oil, &  walnuts -- this dish isn't exactly low fat. ;) So, I'd advise saving this recipe for special occasions or making it as a once-in-a-blue-moon "splurge meal," vers ... Read on »
Megan Monday: Eating Heart Healthy (Part II) by MySuperFoods Posted Mon 18 Feb 2013 8:17am * EAT HEART HEALTHY  - I’m saving the best for last.  This is the most important part of this article in terms of keeping your heart healthy, and adapting ANY of these eating habits will bring you one step closer to heart health.  Some tips from the Mayo Clinic (with some minor dietary tweaking from me): Choose low-fat protein source ... Read on »
Baby shower recap and some good eats by Whitney and Courtney M. Posted Sun 31 Oct 2010 3:40pm  So this past week has been a pretty good relaxation from school. We had a nice Fall break filled with: Sleeping in Work Shopping Homework Workouts Last night all of us siblings carved our pumpkins, watched scary movies, and made pizza! Court and I decided to share a pumpkin this year, and made a cute Tinker Bell One ... Read on »
Beef, Arugula, and Spinach Lasagna Recipe + Win the Healthy Beef Cookbook by The Fit Fork Posted Tue 27 Nov 2012 10:39pm Beef can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle; there are 29 lean cuts of beef that are surprisingly low in fat and deliver important nutrients. But, if you’re anything like yours truly, you may not be confident in your skills to bring great-tasting, health-promoting lean beef dishes to your table on a regular basis. Well, worry no more ... Read on »
Recipe #251: Celebrate St. Patty's Day with Colcannon by Corey I. Patient Expert Posted Thu 17 Mar 2011 3:41pm An Irish clover. In honor of St. Patty's Day , I'd like to post another Irish recipe, colcannon . Yesterday, I took on sherpherd's pie for all of you meat-lovers out there, and so today I've added a vegetable-centric dish, which'll hopefully make the vegetarians happy. :) Both of these recipes feature simple, modest, and readi ... Read on »
Healthy Lunch Recipes by Bill .. Posted Wed 08 Jun 2011 2:16pm What is the problem with healthy lunch recipes. Breakfast and dinner get all the attention but lunch never seems to on the TV shows. Although people often take the time to make sure they have a healthy breakfast and go home to an equally nutritious dinner, they sometimes neglect to plan ... Read on »
Pizza makes you fat and sick by Fitho Posted Thu 16 Apr 2009 12:00am Pizza can completely sabotage for weight loss plans? Its actually double trouble with pizza- the ingredients and the portions. Pizza Ingredients: Most pizzas are made from a base of refined flour (maida), which has a high Glycemic Index, so it spikes your blood sugar and promotes fat storage. Further its topped with plenty of cheese and oil, ... Read on »