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Goldbaum’s Onion & Garlic Crispinis gluten free crackers - wheat free/ kosher/ low fat by Karen .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 30 Oct 2008 10:11pm Goldbaum’s sent me these kosher, gluten free crispini crackers to try, and I have to admit, I was skeptical. I have tried many rice based gluten free crackers, and wasn’t expecting much. However, I was pleasantly surprised- these gluten free snack crackers are really great! I sampled their 3.5 ounce bag of onion & garlic crispini cracke ... Read on »
LOW FAT/HIGH FAT NOT A RAW LIVING FOOD DIET ISSUE by PrettySmartOne .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 24 Aug 2010 5:08pm What is up with low fat hysteria among raw foodists? If you are eating a Standard American Diet, with all the fried foods and processed foods containing hydrogenated fats, then, yes, a high fat diet is to be avoided.  If you are, in fact, eating such a diet, then you should consider lowering the fat content of your diet. Actually, recen ... Read on »
Study: Low-Carb Lowers, Low-Fat Diet Increases Inflammation, Saturated Fat In The Blood by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 1:36pm Dr. Jeff Volek says controlling insulin is vital to blood lipids A little over two years ago, I shared with you this study on the connection between metabolic syndrome and livin' la vida low-carb . The researchers were Dr. Jeff Volek from the University of Connecticut and Dr. Richard Feinman from SUNY Downstate Medical ... Read on »
Duke Researcher Pits A Low-Fat Diet Plus Orlistat (Alli) vs. A High-Fat, Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 25 Jan 2010 4:04pm 1 Comment Duke University School of Medicine researcher Dr. William Yancy Brand new weight loss methods are introduced to the general public each and every year and people are left to their own devices wondering how to decipher the differences between the good and the bad. With slick marketing claims like “scientifically-proven” and even “FDA-app ... Read on »
High Protein High Fat versus Low Carb low fat Diets...8 week trial by Rosy G. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 19 Feb 2009 5:28pm Hey there Friends! How is everyone doing? Its been a while huh? Well its funny because all this time I have just been playing with ideas on how will I get off these 30lbs i put on...should I do this..or should I do that...should i count calories...or should I go low fat...and then I thought of protien diet. Sooo many choices in regards to diet ... Read on »
Study: High-Carb, Low-Fat Or Low-Carb, High Fat Diet Equally Lower Weight, Improve Mood And Memory by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 3:42am Think a low-carb diet will destroy your brain? Think again! It was a head-to-head match-up that ended in a tie. Just wait until you see the stunning results of a new study comparing the traditional high-carb, low-fat diet with the increasingly popular low-carb, high-fat diet as it relates not just to weight loss, but also brain ... Read on »
Study finds low-carb diet outperforms low-fat diet in terms of weight and blood fat levels by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 16 Sep 2008 7:05am It’s perhaps one of the most contentious issues in nutrition: should individuals who want to control their weight eat a diet low in fat, or low in carbohydrate? The ‘conventional’ view is that fat is ‘calorific’ and fattening, so low-fat is the way to go. However, some (e.g. Gary Taubes and the late Robert Atkins) have argued that it’s carbohydra ... Read on »
The Low Fat High Carb High Protein Low Carb No Sugar High Fat Craze.. by thefruitpursuit Posted Thu 13 Oct 2011 3:51am This is a pretty interesting topic in both the raw food and all other types of diets out there. When I talk about the raw food diet I don’t mean diet in the sense of restriction, special rules and being weight-loss oriented, but rather as a ‘way’  of eating. However, just as with other ways of eating, even within raw foods some special diets ex ... Read on »
Low Fat-ish Dessert by Lexie B. Posted Thu 11 Mar 2010 5:35pm So my housemate Briggs once made this absolutely fabulous dessert which layered pudding, graham crackers, and had chocolate icing on top. She called it a “heavenly low fat cake” or something. I searched the web for it because I wanted to make it for my family while I was home. I think I ended up finding it called “low fat chocolate eclair cake. ... Read on »
DO LOW FAT FOODS MAKE YOU FAT? by Daniel Munday Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 7:18pm 1 Comment Do low fat foods make you fat? At first glance this seems like a pretty silly comment to make. Right? Don't believe the hype. Food manufacturers along with doctors and some other ill-informed health and fitness professionals would like you to believe otherwise, that everything low fat will help you lose your belly fat. But I have had en ... Read on »