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Broken Bones: Avoid Low Bone Density by Healthcare Research & Quality Posted Tue 05 Jun 2012 12:30pm Avoid Broken Bones: Learn About Low Bone Density Until you or a loved one has broken a wrist or hip, it's easy to downplay the risks that come with low bone density. But these risks are serious, and the consequences can cause big life changes. Low bone density occurs when our bodies lose bone tissue fas ... Read on »
Bone Density Does Not Necessarily Measure Bone Strength by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 9:34pm The greater the force you put on your bones during exercise, the stronger they become. Researchers at the University of Missouri in Columbia showed that recreational runners have denser bones than cyclists (Journal of Metabolism, February 2008). Another study from Université de St-Etienne in France show that youth soccer players have an increa ... Read on »
Osteoporosis and Bone Density Testing by ViaMedica Posted Wed 16 Sep 2009 8:30am What is Osteoporosis? Often associated with age, osteoporosis is a condition that, with time, causes gradual loss of bone mass. Becoming more porous and therefore more fragile, bones develop a greater risk of fracturing, particularly vertebrae, hip bones and wrists. Called a "silent disease" it doesn't cause any pain until it results in a fract ... Read on »
Bone Density Assessment by Kurt G Harris MD Posted Fri 16 Oct 2009 10:03pm Lex Rooker, a reader of PaNu and a blogger in his own right, has asked me to comment on the results of his recent DEXA bone density scan. I believe Lex had this done for two reasons. Firstly, he was a vegan for 20 years, which to the degree he was relying on “healthy whole grains” and was likely deficient in Vitamin K2 from animal sources, ... Read on »
Higher vitamin D levels improve bone density drug response 700 percent by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 20 Jul 2011 12:00am – Vitamin D levels should be maintained above the limits recently recommended by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in order to fully optimize a drug therapy for osteoporosis and low bone mineral density (BMD), according to a new study by ... Read on »
Bone Density Tests: A Weapon Against Osteoporosis by ArthritisReliever .. Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 1:49pm 1 Comment ANNOUNCER: Osteoporosis can be a devastating disease for its victims. It is also one of the most preventable disease in the United States today. Most osteoporosis-related fractures could be avoided or prevented if women were aggressive about early detection and diagnosis and then received appropriate medical treatment. The most effective diagnostic ... Read on »
Bone Density and FRAX Testing by Dr. Nancy T. Naturopathic DoctorHealth Maven Posted Fri 21 Nov 2008 4:28pm What Is FRAX? Old way to be responsible: Ask your doctor about a bone density test. New way: Find a doctor who knows her FRAX -- and if you've never heard of it, you're not alone.   FRAX is not a miracle pill or a fancy piece of equipment. Unveiled by the World Health Organization in February, it is an elegant patient assessment ... Read on »
Bone Density Tests - Too Many Not a Good Thing by Anthony Cirillo Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 16 Mar 2012 9:00am Frequent bone density tests for senior women may not be needed, according to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine . Medicare pays for a bone density test every two years. But the study followed nearly 5,000 women ages 67 and older for more than a decade. None had osteoporosis when they enrolled in the study, and ... Read on »
Certain Childhood Fractures May Signal Low Bone Density by Medline Plus Posted Fri 10 Jan 2014 12:00pm Doctors urged to consider level of trauma causing injury Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Bone Density , Children's Health , Fractures Read on »
Exoprin bone density supplement helps prevent osteoporosis by franklinb Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:11pm Osteoporosis (porous bone) is classified as a bone disease. It is characterized by both a low bone mass and a structural deterioration of boney tissues located throughout the body. The condition is marked by an abnormality in the bone remodeling process. During remodeling, old bone is removed (resorption) and new bone is being added to the skelet ... Read on »