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Has It Really Been That Long? by Heather M. Posted Tue 08 May 2012 6:44pm Dear Carter, I came here to tell you all about Mikey's First Holy Communion, and I just realized that I never filled you in on the rest of our vacation. As if it's that shocking to you that I might be behind on blogging. Ha! I also wanted to tell you about a paper that Mikey had to work on in his class today.  I am always so worried t ... Read on »
A Metamorphosis Miracle by Sherri W. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 10 Feb 2014 11:00pm Metamorphosis. The description of the life transformation of a hairy and/or squishy little caterpillar as he becomes a soft, beautiful butterfly. The chrysalis stage of metamorphosis: the spunky, squashy little critter forms a cocoon and while hidden inside, undergoes miraculous changes in secret and emerges as that soft, beautiful bu ... Read on »
A Metamorphosis Miracle by Sherri W. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 16 Apr 2012 7:12am Photo by Sherri Woodbridge, ©2011 Class, today we are going to learn about… Metamorphosis. Now, the word metamorphosis means to change and/or transform. This word is used to describe the life and transformation of a little caterpillar. The part we will focus on today is the chrysalis stage, when the spunky little critter forms a ... Read on »
The “Impossible Push-Up” – A Personal Challenge From Tony Horton [Plus: Lots & lots of gym shenanigans!] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Tue 11 Oct 2011 12:14am As you may recall, I got to interview Tony Horton , founder of P90X and P90X 2 (due out in December). (How many times can I name-drop this before it just starts looking pathetic? I don’t care. I talked to Tony! And he said I could call him “Tony”! Or “Friend”! Whatever that means! Squeee!) Near the end of our interview he said, “Well you s ... Read on »
The Tongue by Lisa Patient Expert Posted Sat 16 Jan 2010 12:00am 1 Comment It wasn't so long ago that I still fretted, wondering if people who look at Finn could see that he has Down syndrome. A lot of people have been surprised to find out that he has Ds, because, they insist, "He doesn't look Downs!" Which, I'm sure they mean in a helpful, positive way, but which really isn't helpful or positive because tha ... Read on »
For the Mom who Sent me a Letter... by Jodi Cutler Del Dottore Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 14 Oct 2009 10:00pm John's mom sent me this upon request. I try to help others...she really helps me. John's Valedictorian Speech (it was even more impressive to hear him deliver it - I can't watch the video without both laughing and crying) - Speech 6/5/09 ...Good evening, fellow graduates, administrators, faculty and staff, family members and ... Read on »
Meet our Son! by Brigitte Posted Mon 18 Jun 2012 5:47am Well the day started out at a very early 5:45 am.  I didn’t have the alarm set until 6:30 but I woke earlier and was too excited/anxious to sleep any more.  I got up… got ready, checked FB and email.  Got my things packed up and ready to go.  Toni had told me that Dani and her father would be there to pick me up at 8 am.  I got a cup of coffee ... Read on »
Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Day 22 – 25: The Miracle of Metamorphosis by Sherri W. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 25 Apr 2010 1:34pm I truly believe God laid this on my heart to share. As I wrote it, several people who also have YOParkinson’s disease (or are a caregiver to PWP or selflessly fighting hard for a cure) came to mind and I would like to dedicate this post to them, as they have been an inspiration, an encouragement and a support to me i ... Read on »
Testing My Dog's IQ (Hint: Sweet, But Not Too Smart) by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Posted Wed 28 Nov 2012 4:42am I gave Apollo, my boxer, an “IQ” test the other day (yes, I was procrastinating), and it confirmed what I have been saying ever since he moved in with us a couple of years ago — he is not very bright. There are other ways I could describe his mental capacities (one ends in the phrase “box of rocks”), but since I do love the guy, I won’t go there. ... Read on »
help for insects.... by Rob Carlyle Patient Expert Posted Thu 26 Sep 2013 9:30am Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust described 2012 as a disastrous year for butterflies. Take it as read that bumblebees, honeybees, ladybirds - every darned wriggling and flying little creature was clobbered by the awful summer which was followed by a deep and never-ending winter and then a spring that didn't arrive till summer! If we look at th ... Read on »