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Different Types of Coughs by Lauren B. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 9:51pm Whether you've got one yourself or are sharing an elevator with someone who has one, a cough is an unwelcome disturbance. But did you know that not all coughs are alike, and not all people who cough are contagious? Let's consider the different types of coughs, ways to remedy them, and how to identify whether a simple cough may be something mor ... Read on »
"Love and Coughs Cannot be Well Hid" by Naturallysta Posted Thu 02 Feb 2012 11:34pm ...says George Herbert, a Welsh poet. Poets know what they're talking about, trust me. Ever had a child that coughed all night and couldn't sleep (*cough* let you sleep)? Those of you who have shared my agony will attest to the fact that it is really one of the most difficult situations to deal with. I've had plenty of experience with this one ... Read on »
Symptoms and Diagnosis of Lung Disorders by COPDsurvivor Patient Expert Posted Thu 23 Apr 2009 5:25pm The MERCK Manual of Medical Information-Second Home Edition Among the most common symptoms of lung disorders are cough, shortness of breath (dyspnea), and wheezing. Less commonly, a blockage in the airways between the mouth and lungs results in a gasping sound when breathing (stridor). Problems in the lungs can also lead to coughing up ... Read on »
Cough and hydrocodone products by Neil Kao Medical Doctor Posted Sat 13 Jun 2009 12:26am Today, I'd like to write about a very delicate topic. I can't ever remember reading about all of this in any journal and yet I've seen this being used in practice in every state in which I have lived: use of narcotic medications to treat cough. Part of the cough reflex travels up to the brain and back down the vagus nerve to the chest wall mus ... Read on »
*Cough* Training has Begun *Cough* by RunDash Posted Sun 09 Jan 2011 4:58pm This week marks the first week that training began for Spring Races. While I probably have some leighway on a start date, since so far, I've only come up with National Half on my spring schedule, since I wasn't really focused over the holidays. I also took an extremely easy week between Christmas and New Years, I was kind of eager to hop back i ... Read on »
Is the Whooping Cough “Epidemic” in California Caused by our Community? Hardly. by Kim S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 06 Jan 2011 12:00am By J.B. Handley It’s the #1 talking point from the other side right now: there is a terrible Pertussis (whooping cough) epidemic in California, kids are dying, and it’s the whole thing has been caused by celebrities and the “anti-vaccine” community. How rare and wonderful to see two investigative reporters in San Di ... Read on »
Coughs Take Longer to Clear Up than People Think by Medline Plus Posted Mon 14 Jan 2013 5:31pm The gap between how long people expect their cough to last and how long it actually does may drive some to the doctor for antibiotics that won't help, according to a new study. Source: Reuters Health Related MedlinePlus Pages: Antibiotics , Cough Read on »
Sometimes all it takes is a nap. by PunkRockChic Posted Wed 16 Nov 2011 1:46am Today was Ryan's long day; work then school. Sometimes I stay home with the kids so we can sleep in, but usually I drop him off, do the library with the kids then take him to school and play time with the kids at the play place nearby. I hate Tuesdays in that I have to be up at 6 am. But I love them because that means the kids get up early, they ... Read on »