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Why I Love Summer-3 by Stephanie C. Patient Expert Posted Sun 20 Jun 2010 4:00am Lazy weekend nights around the fire pit with pretty girls. Hot dogs. And of course marshmallows. And evidence that the fire two nights earlier was under the Magnolia and not out in the open. My awesome camera. I didn't use the Nifty Fifty for this either. I'm just getting so good that I have some skills. And when we've eaten our fill, we ... Read on »
Being a Volleyball Mom by lala362 Posted Thu 05 Sep 2013 10:11pm So there is this story we like to tell in my family. It goes a little like this: I was a senior or junior in High School, and playing in a basketball game against our biggest rivals- Bishop Scully High School. They were a pretty aggressive team and in addition to them being our rivals, we were working on an undefeated season… So we ... Read on »
Glen Ellyn Teen Deemed "King of the Court" by Donate Life Illinois .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 6:11pm I’m back! Overdue I know, but be sure to check out this great story on 17-year-old kidney recipient Ian Kamphuis who recently brought home a gold in tennis and a bronze in volleyball from the U.S. Transplant Games! Way to go Ian! -Scott Read full story from the Glen Ellyn Sun here or below. Local teen takes gold at Tr ... Read on »
My Running Journey, Part 1: All My Problems by Kel Posted Mon 12 Nov 2012 12:44am So here's the thing. I have this vivid memory of me in 5th grade, running with a gaggle of girls behind Monsieur Catania, a native Frenchman with tan skin, sculpted legs, and a languid accent. He transported from France to West Texas for marriage where he subsequently taught both of my brothers French and became my middle-grade soccer coach. ... Read on »
Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 9/22- 9/28/11 by Marcus S. Posted Thu 22 Sep 2011 10:12am Cyclocross season is at hand! This Sunday we’ll be host the last of our weekly CX practice sessions to prep for the season with the Dirt Derby starting on Tuesday, September 27. There is also lots of opportunities to ride and race mountain plus Frankenbike’s monthly chance to build up the bike you’ve always wanted. Here’s a quick run down ... Read on »
13June 26, 2010Ice cream & Chocolate for breakfast? Why not! by Elaine Facebook Posted Sat 26 Jun 2010 12:00am When I woke up this morning, I had a craving that I have every other morning…chocolate. Usually I can get by that craving by making myself a giant bowl of oatmeal, a sweet smoothie, or simply some PB&J. I went for the oatmeal route today and made some chocolatey oats today that consisted of cocoa powder, chocolate whey protein powd ... Read on »
Sexy On Raw Australian Tour: Manly Beach – 20th Nov by Philip McCluskey Facebook Posted Fri 07 Oct 2011 4:44am SEXY ON RAW MANLY BEACH 20th November (9-12pm) Location Manly Beach Volleyball Courts North Steyne Manly Esplanade, NSW 2095 Event Schedule 9:00am Elite Training Session with Jelena 10:00am Group Volleyball game Investment In Your Health $30 (online) or $40 (at event) Note: Limited tickets availab ... Read on »
Dream Gym by AbbyNYC Posted Mon 05 Mar 2012 6:48pm I’ve posted about Team Abby  who keep me in good health and all that jazz. I’ve posted about some of my favorite boutique gyms  in the city that I cannot get enough of. In keeping with telling you guys about people, places, and workouts I love, I have to share a really cool new workout I did at Chelsea Piers last week. Meghan from Chelsea P ... Read on »
There’s Sand in My Booty by Jaime Posted Tue 23 Jun 2009 12:00am Tonight was my first class of Booty Camp, along with some other Haliblog girls (thanks for the name Farm Girl!).  I went into it knowing it would be a good workout, but hoping it wouldn’t be too hard or too easy.  I also knew we would all laugh our asses off the entire time. Our instructor, Heather, is personable, easy going, and super qu ... Read on »
4 Ways To Do Cross Training For Triathlon by bengreenfield Facebook Posted Fri 13 May 2011 3:41am Whoo boy. It's early spring and I'm already feeling the need to do something other than swim, bike and run. It happens about once a week. I head out for a workout and just don't really'feel like staring at the bottom of a pool, spending hours in a bike saddle, or pounding the pavement. Especially when I walk by all the guys playing noon ... Read on »