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Usher's wife update on anesthesia complication by Dr. Robert O. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 18 Feb 2009 12:00pm 1 Comment Information about the emergency Usher's wife underwent in Brazil recently came to light. Two months after giving birth to the couple's second son, Raymond, 38, traveled to Brazil to have liposuction on her stomach by São Paulo plastic surgeon Dr. Silvio Sterman.According to the doctor involved, Tameka Raymond went into "cardiac arrest" while bei ... Read on »
For Endarterectomy, Local and Ge ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 21 Dec 2008 8:58am For Endarterectomy, Local and General Anesthesia Show Similar Outcomes 21 dec 2008--Patients undergoing endarterectomy under local anesthesia have a slightly lower rate of perioperative complications, but the advantage is not definite, according to an international Lancet study. Some 3500 patients were randomized to local or general anesthe ... Read on »
What Questions Should I Ask A Plastic Surgeon Before Considering Treatment? by Hpcsurgery Facebook Posted Fri 09 Mar 2012 5:20am There are questions I should ask a plastic surgeon before considering treatment for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons. These would deal with details about the procedure, its potential health risks, how successful it can be in providing the desired appearance and the possibility of any health condition of mine or any medication I consume increa ... Read on »
Veterinary dentistry, nerve blocks, complications...and late posts by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Posted Sun 27 Dec 2009 10:00pm Today started late. That was my fault. From there, things devolved in ways that evoked Hieronymus Bosch’s version of Hell more than they did a pre-New Year’s Eve weekday. Not so much my fault. But that’s debatable.  Picture me, wearing my veterinary dentist’s hat. This was around 9 AM. First patient of the day. The anesthetics went well. My ... Read on »
Local Man Finally Dies of Parkinson's Complications by Peter Dunlap-Shohl Posted Thu 01 Jul 2010 12:00am Note: At a recent APDA-sponsored Parkinson's Disease seminar a speaker suggested that one way of coping with bad news is to realize that there are people who have it worse than you. Fair enough, but somewhere in this weary world there must be the ultimate loser, that last guy whom everyone else is fortunate not to be. As a public service, Off & ... Read on »
Smartlipo Triplex - Reduced Risks and Complications by Hpcsurgery Facebook Posted Wed 13 Jun 2012 7:55am Smartlipo Triplex liposuction, an FDA approved procedure, involves reduced risks and complications when compared to traditional techniques. This is possible because of the very nature of the Triplex™ system with its three powerful wavelengths and three smart delivery systems. The only situations where the procedure maybe unsafe and is not recomme ... Read on »
Pulmonary Complications and Preoperative Pulmonary Evaluation by Dr. Gemzel H. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 12 Aug 2008 7:08pm More pulmonary than cardiovascular complications In general, any surgery imposes a risk to every system in our body. Most of the complications of surgery are related to cardiovascular events as well as infections. However Pulmonary complications after surgery are also frequent and probably more than the cardiovascular. Which ... Read on »
Summary Basis for Regulatory Action, December 22, 2013 - Tretten by FDA Posted Tue 14 Jan 2014 11:33am PDF Version Date December 22, 2013 From Zuben E. Sauna, Committee Chair  Subject Summary Basis for Regulatory Action BLA # STN 125398/0 Applicant Novo Nordisk Date of Submission February 23, 2011 (1st CR is ... Read on »
Hip Implant Complications by Dr. Lawrence Kindo Posted Sun 11 Nov 2012 10:07pm Recent reports show that hip replacement surgeries are more and more successful and many patients get a new chance of enjoying life without having to deal with pain while moving or during their daily activities. With every year that goes by, more patients try this type of treatment hoping their life will become as it once ... Read on »
Get Rid of Those Excess Fat Deposits with Laser Liposuction by parkavenuesmartlipony Posted Thu 09 May 2013 5:46am In advanced liposuction procedures, laser energy is used for zapping the fat. The procedure ensures that no loose skin is left behind. Patients can walk out of the clinic and recover completely in a few days. The good thing about laser liposuction is that one cannot even make out whether any work has been done or your body. Laser liposuction ... Read on »