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one little toe by Andy and Gabriele M. Patient Expert Posted Thu 23 Oct 2008 1:55pm i decided that i'm going to channel some of my creative forces into painting, and plan to use the proceeds to benefit arthritis research. here's a print of my first piece, one little toe, which symbolizes the surprising amount of pain just one little joint in one little toe can produce. if you are interested in purchasing any artwork, you ... Read on »
Ankle , little toe, shin & hell pain in LT foot. for a few months now getting alot worse by deb_easton Posted Tue 30 Jun 2009 8:59am Hi   Iwas wondering if someone can help me ? I have been suffering with acute pain in both heels, in my left foot my Ankle joint at the front of the foot suffers extreme pain when preassurised in exercise. I am  19 stone and working out at the gym to lose weight, when I wear flat shoes the pain is worse. Along with the ankle pain I of ... Read on »
207/366 Little toes- back on the road again…. by Dr. Sheila Cason Medical Doctor Posted Sun 29 Jul 2012 12:48am 207/366 Little toes- back on the road again…. , originally uploaded by . Read on »
Ten Little Fingers by Kim S. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 May 2013 12:00am By Cathy Jameson While anticipating the birth of my first child, someone told me that new moms shouldn't worry while pregnant.  It isn’t healthy for the pregnancy or for the baby.  As long as the baby has ten little fingers and ten little toes, that's all a new Mom should worry about.  …ten little fingers ten little toes ... Read on »
“Toe”- Ture by fatgirl2fitgirl Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 06 Apr 2010 6:22pm 1 Comment I was late for an appointment this morning and running around my house trying to get ready. I had a couple of glitches, like ironed pants that were ripped– how? I don’t know. After drying my hair, I darted through the dining room where I actually don’t have a dining room table. Right now, my dining room is home to my bike and bike trainer. ... Read on »
Spread ‘Em: ToeSox Five Toe Sandals by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert Posted Wed 21 Sep 2011 6:00am Flip-flop weather may be coming to an end with the cooler temps, but if you’re not quite ready to give up your toes-in-the-free-air freedom (like me !), let me introduce you to a unique and healthy type of flop, the ToeSox Five Toe Sandals . These sandals are pretty plain looking. Nothing to write home about look-wise, they do come in a f ... Read on »
Joints, Cones, Flowers, & Toes by Kristen Posted Sun 22 May 2011 12:53pm It’s been almost two weeks since I found out about the arthritis in my left AC joint, and thankfully, I actually haven’t felt the shoulder too much in that time.  I stopped sleeping on it, which seems to help tremendously, and it does get sore after chest day.  I also have to account for it a little more on shoulder day; on side lateral raises, ... Read on »
Dominican Vacation- Days 3 & 4 (when I broke my toe!) by Danielle2922 Posted Thu 16 Aug 2012 10:43pm This awesommmmmme little door stop in the middle of the bathroom floor…..yea….about that….. I tripped over it & kicked it with my poor little toe. Pretty sure I broke it! OUCH!!!! Jon thought I was making it up, but it turned purple a few days later and it hurt to walk on it. (Please ignore my feet. Yes, that’s sand, and yes, they are ... Read on »
Fantastic Feet Exercise Tip of the Week: Toe Circles by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Tue 25 Jan 2011 12:48pm Do You Ever Experience Foot Pain? Do You Ever Feel Like Your Toes Are All Jammed Together? (especially if you’re a gal that likes to wear pointy-toed shoes!) Do You Like To Wear Flip-Flops or Other Strapless Shoes? Do You Have Hammer Toes? When our toe joints get jammed together it affects the whole foot.  If the bones ... Read on »
How to Defeat Toe Pain While Running by Mama's Weeds Patient Expert Posted Sun 21 Apr 2013 1:33pm The Flower City Half Marathon is one week from today.  Like most runners right now, I’m feeling pretty nostalgic about the sport of running in light of what’s happened in Boston over the past week here.  I’ve had this post in the works for a while, but my running woes and sore toes suddenly felt insignificant on April 15, 2013. With that sa ... Read on »