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Good Morning Exercise For Strength Or Flexibility by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 04 Feb 2010 5:52pm The Good Morning Exercise is a great hamstring strength and flexibility exercise that you may not be doing. The hamstrings are often a nagging problem area for athletes. Prevention of hamstring injuries is best. 1. Start by placing a bar or stick handle across your shoulders. 2. Standing on one legbend forward keeping your bac ... Read on »
My 4 step approach to becoming a morning exerciser. by Carla B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 02 Jan 2012 3:00am (This is the time I grab my coffee. It’s also *after* my morning meditation. Im a lark.) I haven’t always been a morning person (AKA slept like a toddler ), but Ive certainly never been a night owl. I pulled no all-nighters in college (be it for studying or in other more liquid hedonistic pursuits) & always knew I’d be better off finish ... Read on »
tips on becoming a morning exerciser by elle Posted Fri 12 Oct 2012 12:00am I’m going to give myself props today. I’m 5 for 5 morning workouts this week! Over the years I’ve grown to love morning workouts but don’t think for a second though that I jump out of bed at 5:30am with a smile on my face, overzealous about the thought of running in the pitch black or being the first person on the elliptical machine at th ... Read on »
5 Reasons Early Morning Exercise Can Make You Happier by Corina T. Posted Thu 11 Jul 2013 5:00pm Early morning exercise…for some people, the negative part of that situation it the “early morning” part while for others, the more negative part is the exercise. And for a few, both “early morning” as well as “exercise” are distasteful to think about. But morning exercise has some distinct benefits that can really help you be [...] The post ... Read on »
My Morning Exercise Plan . . . by LetsTalkAndWalk Posted Tue 23 Jul 2013 6:22am Good morning! Thanks so much to everyone who read My Not So Great Bootcamp Update and left me tips about exercising in the AM. I am bound and determined that I will find a way to get most of my exercise in the AM. I just have to figure out what works best for my body. I did some Google searching and found these fabulous artic ... Read on »
Bootcamp Update & Morning Exercise by LetsTalkAndWalk Posted Mon 29 Jul 2013 6:15am I’m BACK! We headed out of Knoxville at 10:30AM on Thursday and returned at 11:30AM yesterday. It was a fun-filled, chaotic four days. 16,000+ women all in the same place loving the same thing. Amazing. And more than a little crazy. I have TONS of pictures to share with you at a later date. Sadly, I wish I had even MORE pi ... Read on »
Revisiting morning exercise benefits by Marci G. Posted Wed 27 Apr 2011 7:00am About a year ago, I wrote one of my favorite posts– how to become a morning exerciser. After I graduated from college and almost daily for the next four years, I exercised after work. I didn’t really have other commitments, I didn’t have a reason to wake up early, and it was fine. In March 2010, I realized that it’s just too hot in Hous ... Read on »
Shed Challenge: Be a Morning Exerciser by Rachel Wilkerson Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 05 Oct 2009 10:03pm Good morning! I hope you are feeling bright and sunny this Monday morning. If you aren’t, it may be because you aren’t a morning person. But…why don’t you become one? Morning exercisers have a huge advantage: studies show they are more likely to stick with their routine. It’s not that it’s so hard to plan to work [...] Read Full Post » ... Read on »
A little morning exercise... by Erica P. Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 8:06pm ...Off in just a few minutes with C-Dub to do the Incline. For those non-Front-Rangers, it's an old rail line, with rails removed so that only the ties remain to hike up. One solid mile of 68% grade, and then a beautiful run down the bottom four miles of the Barr Trail (the one that climbs Pikes Peak). And then a 12-hour shift. They say I ... Read on »
FitLinks: Fitness Apps, Creating a Morning Exercise Routine & More! by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert Posted Thu 21 Oct 2010 11:00am Credit: yoga - photowork It’s a beautiful day! Celebrate by perusing these links that enlighten, awe, inspire and educate! Want to know what the hottest workouts are in LA? These gals are on it! —Exercise LA Outdoor workouts are perfect for this time of year, but the weather can change in a hurry. Be in the weather know. —The ... Read on »