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When the healthy choice is the easy choice, that's the one people will make by Riva G. Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 11:06am Around the same time that the Diabetes Prevention Program in 1992 proved that losing a moderate amount of weight (7%--about 10 or 15 pounds for many people who are overweight) and getting 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week can possibly prevent diabetes, the Finns ran a similar study and came up with similar results. But ther ... Read on »
Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Choices, Healthy Weight by Billy @ BeerBellyBlog Patient Expert Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 4:43pm Overweight and obesity result from a combination of genetic, metabolic, and lifestyle factors. The good news is that you can manage your weight successfully by managing the lifestyle factors that affect it. Changes in our weight depend on the balance of the energy we take in— in the form of calories in food—and the energy we burn—by our m ... Read on »
Making Healthy Choices For Your Children Workshop by Karen H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 03 May 2011 7:03am A Washington Post article discusses how being a foodie isn’t really being an elitist anymore. It’s about having choice and about supporting an economy that fuels eating nutritionally verses a food industry that has no concern about our health and well being. This topic is a true passion of mine and one I really love teaching others ... Read on »
5 High Fiber Foods to Make Healthy Choices Easier by Cliff S. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 18 Oct 2010 9:46am Experts advise people to consume twenty-five to thirty-five grams of fiber daily from high fiber foods for a well rounded diet. Here is a list of foods that will help you reach that number. 1. Breakfast is usually the first chance you get to start your day with high fiber foods . A bran muffin, whole grain toast, or oatmeal all make hea ... Read on »
Your Healthy Choices for Restaurant Meals Might Not Be As Healthy As You Think by Corina T. Posted Wed 19 Dec 2012 6:00am You may believe you have mastered the art of sticking to a healthy eating plan while dining out at various restaurants. But the wording of healthy choices on your favorite restaurants’ menus may not be as clear and honest as they appear to be. Even healthy, well-educated people get fooled by some of the sneakier The post Your Healthy Choice ... Read on »
NEW Healthy Choices For Children Logo by Karen H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 14 May 2010 7:45am I am in the midst of updating and shifting my materials to a power point for my Healthy Choices For Children Workshop. The above is additional graphic design brilliance from my Genie and my new logo for the class! Read on »
Partnership for a Healthier America's 2013 Summit encourages making the healthy choice, the easy choice by Christine G. Posted Fri 08 Mar 2013 11:10am “They look like a church choir, but they act like an army!”  James Gavin, Board Chair of Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), kicked off the 2013 Building a Healthier Future Summit by saluting fifty representatives of PHA partner commitments . The ensemble lined the stage in Washington, D.C.’s Grand Hyatt Hotel on March 7th, hailing fro ... Read on »
How To Make Healthy Choices by Cathy Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 04 Mar 2009 2:22pm I write a lot about “healthy” choices.  You hear it all the time when it comes to food, nutrition and diet.  As I was face to face with the choice of a cookie or my cottage cheese that I enjoy, I thankfully chose the cottage cheese but it made me think about what helps us to be able to make those healthy choices. Sometimes when we make food ch ... Read on »
How to Make Healthy Choices While Dining Out by WeightLossTeam .. Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 1:49pm ANNOUNCER: Whether it's fast food or fine dining, it can be tough to make healthy choices when eating out. Bonnie Taub-Dix, RD, American Dietetic Association: You have to think about the restaurant's goal. Basically, they want you to come back, so they want the food to taste good. What enhances flavor the most? Salt, fat and the big portion size ... Read on »
Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees: Convenient and Delicious All Natural Meals! by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Mon 08 Mar 2010 7:45am Thanks to Mom Central , our family was given the opportunity to try out Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees. Here’s why they’re labeled “all natural” Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees start with premium all-natural ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, whole grains, red peppers and zucchini to create delicious, nutritious meals made with ... Read on »