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What Is the Life Expectancy in United States? by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Mar 2010 7:14am Babies born in Japan and Singapore have a life expectancy of 82 years. Babies in France will live to an average of 80.9 while those in Sweden, Italy, Australia and Canada can live beyond 80. What about the life expectancy in United States? According to a statistics released by CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) on Au ... Read on »
U.S. Life Expectancy Drops Slightly by Medline Plus Posted Thu 09 Dec 2010 12:00pm Deaths from stroke, infant mortality decline, federal report finds Thursday, December 9, 2010 THURSDAY, Dec. 9 (HealthDay News) -- Life expectancy dipped slightly in the United States from 2007 to 2008, according to a new federal report. Life expectancy for Americans in general decl ... Read on »
Smoking = 10yrs Life Lost by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Thu 24 Jan 2013 3:00am So what will it take to convince you to stop smoking?  Lung cancer?  Oral cancer?  Bladder cancer?   Breast cancer?   Prostate cancer?  Stroke?  Heart disease?  Peripheral vascular disease?  COPD/emphysema?   Last June, I pointed out a study suggesting benefit to be gained by quitting even at the ripe old age of 80yo .  The authors reported ... Read on »
Expressive Arts Group for Adults Living with a Life-Limiting Illness by Jennifer J. Patient Expert Posted Thu 24 Jan 2013 12:00am is once again offering Expressive Arts for Adults Living with a Life-Limiting Illness. The most common life-limiting illness is cancer. Other examples are stroke; ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”); heart disease or congestive heart failure; emphysema and other respiratory diseases; liver disease; renal disease or ... Read on »
Cardiovascular Disease and its Economic and Emotional Impact in America by ErikaLynnRN Posted Wed 06 Apr 2011 5:53pm           Cardiovascular Disease, or CVD, is a general term used to describe any of the sixty or more diseases which can affect the heart and vascular systems. Many of these diseases can lead to an increase in the incidence of heart attack, heart failure, stroke and death . As of 2008, more than eight million Americans were living with some form of ... Read on »
And so the cardiology saga rumbles on… by Ron Patient Expert Posted Thu 12 Jul 2012 11:12am Another cardio appointment, and another doctor who doesn’t really listen. My first reaction was, FFS, another bloody fool who won’t listen, but to be fair I did get my meds changed, which is 50% of what I wanted, which is better than my previous strike rate since this shamble first kicked off. First off, he wanted to know what I was doing i ... Read on »
LIVING WELL WITH COPD, EMPHYSEMA, LUNG DISEASE by Lynn E. Posted Fri 17 Oct 2008 9:01pm Prevent respiratory infections Any respiratory infection — even the common cold — can cause an acute exacerbation of COPD, so it is to your advantage to do whatever you can to avoid catching what's going around. Washing your hands frequently with soap and water can reduce your risk. Alcohol-based instant hand sanitizers can also help. As much a ... Read on »
High blood pressure is the ... by John R. Posted Sun 16 Dec 2012 7:40am High blood pressure is the biggest global killer...but obesity isn't far behind, warn leading scientists Below is a report of a huge body of research recently published.  It aims to find what ails the WORLD.  One wonders what the point of that is.  As it points out itself, disease incidence varies markedly from country to country.  So the ... Read on »
Chronicles of the Heart, Part 27… by Ron Patient Expert Posted Tue 24 Jan 2012 2:37pm Just finished a letter to my new cardio consultant, partly because with 20-20 hindsight, my heart problems may well go back to the seventies, and partly because my GPs since 1984 have been fuckwits, as you’ll see, and I have no confidence that their records will reflect anything even approximating the truth. As, of course, I already know my hos ... Read on »
Gross Medical Negligence – is it widespread or is it just me? by Ron Patient Expert Posted Mon 14 May 2012 8:08am I do know the answer, but putting it like that leaves scope for people to post their own experiences in Comments. Please don’t be libellous! *** I’m dying. Yes, I know, we all are but, statistically, I’ll be doing well to see 2013. In fact, the way I feel right now, I’ll be doing well to see the summer. Last week, I made the first e ... Read on »