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Learning to ride a bike by LoveLifeSurf Posted Thu 16 May 2013 12:48am   My son learned to ride a bike a couple of weekends ago. OK, he didn’t learn entirely in one weekend but pretty close to it. He got a bike for his birthday and rode his new bike a little at his grandparent’s house. But this was the first weekend he biked at home. This was the first weekend he biked by himself. First thing, it’s ... Read on »
Lily talks about learning to ride a bike by Lily's Dad Patient Expert Posted Mon 20 May 2013 12:00am At age 5, Lily's training wheels have come off and she is riding independently.  Here's an interview with Lily about how she learned to ride.  Read on »
Have a lot to learn about riding mtn bikes in the snow by Sherri Patient Expert Posted Sat 22 Jan 2011 12:00am Amy and I went to Cincy to ride in a mtn bike Time Trial. Up at 5:30, left by 7. Drove 2+ hours. Temps were about 6F at the start.  I couldn't keep my rear wheel from spinning out. There was at least 5 inches of fluffy snow on the ground. I fell what seemed to be about 20 times. Nothing major except once where I laid there hoping I hadn't s ... Read on »
Green Your Bicycle: Learn Bike Maintenance by Sierra Club .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 14 Sep 2010 4:53pm Let's ride! Pedal power is airy, sweaty, liberating – and exhaust-free. This week's tips are about how to make your bicycle even greener. Tip #3: Learn Bike Maintenance Every serious cyclist inevitably faces worn brake pads, floppy tires, or a creaky chain. By learning how to keep your machinery running smoothly, you’ll have the c ... Read on »
"When You Start to Take the Lane on Your Bike, You Start to Take the Lane in Your Life" (and 4 Other Lessons Learned While Bike by Pattie B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 28 Jul 2014 5:13pm So I've gone from riding 20-30 miles a week (mostly back and forth on Belty every day, with a little Freedom Parkway and Piedmont Park thrown in), to riding at least 50 miles a week up and down huge hills (mostly to and from the public park in my metro-Atlanta city, one of the newest in the United States, where The Dunwoody WoodLine just op ... Read on »
Learning to Be a Bike Commuter with the Yellow Bike by Karen Voyer-Caravona Posted Tue 13 Oct 2009 10:06pm A few years ago, Northern Arizona University instituted a bike share program to reduce the university's transportation emissions and encourage biking and walking to class, as opposed to driving to class (NAU actually has student parking at academic buildings, something I never experienced at University of Georgia or University of Louisville and wa ... Read on »
Riding the Recovery Bike by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 04 Sep 2009 10:01pm I've often thought that recovery was a lot like learning to ride a bike. Part of this metaphor stems from the fact that it took me a very long time to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels--I was almost 8. The other part of the metaphor has to do with recovery being a process, just like learning how to ride a bike. My first bike was ... Read on »
Biking in the Snow: Quick Lesson Learned by Karen Voyer-Caravona Posted Fri 07 Jan 2011 12:17am Please plow me. Today I discovered that a Dahon Eco 3 is too light to reasonably travel of 2 inches of  well-packed sticky snow.  The tires just don't have the tread and get stuck, causing the bike to wobble in their own tracks.  Tomorrow, I'll try taking the Specialized Expedition with its knobbier tires and heavier weight.  Def ... Read on »
Learn To Work Your Bike Commute In Style by The Bike Writer Posted Wed 11 Apr 2012 11:49pm One of my latest biking ensembles (Blue II is somewhere off camera) ( As seen on Thrifty & Green ) One of the daily struggles we go through as bikers (especially the ladies) is deciding how the heck to dress ourselves.  It's hard enough coming up with a work-appropriate wardrobe on hot days when ... Read on »
what I learned while biking with my dad by Simply Maren Facebook Posted Tue 06 Sep 2011 12:00am Just because I run doesn’t mean I’m in biking shape! My dad, ex competitive biker, totally smoked me! This was the view the ENTIRE ride! Riding 2 rides in a day makes for a very sore butt! I must go “off roading” to get better pictures. And going “off roading” will lead to mosquito bites. [...] Read on »