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Stories Your Feet Can Tell by Michael Nirenberg Posted Sun 20 Feb 2011 5:11pm MSNBC Interviewed Me To Tell Toe Tales Feet often mirror overall health. For example, when a 41-year-old man came to my office with pain and swelling in his foot, he thought he had injured himself playing baseball; instead, we discovered a tumor in his neck. The tumor was altering chemicals in his body. One of these chemicals, uric acid, ... Read on »
When Style Harms Substance: Fashion and Female Foot Pain by Michael Nirenberg Posted Thu 03 Jan 2013 6:29pm The results from the Staffordshire University study aren’t going to shock folks at the next New York Fashion Week. Teenage girls are choosing their shoes based on style alone. As for function to go along with that beautiful form, those concerns were secondary. The problems is these choices are not changing later on in life. As women expe ... Read on »
The Top 3 Ways Wearing Shoes Harms Our Feet – And What We Can Do About It by Michael Nirenberg Posted Mon 16 Nov 2009 10:02pm Our feet need to be healthy and strong to endure high impact activities, such as aerobics, running or other sports, and the daily abuse of walking. When our feet weaken, they are at risk of injury, such as a fracture, tendonitis, or plantar fasciitis. The purpose of shoes is to protect feet and provide warmth. Beyond these basics, some shoes ... Read on »
Foot Care Tips for Quick, Easy, Do-It-Yourself Foot Pain Relief for Sore, Tired, and Achy Feet with a Mini-Massage Ball by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Sat 05 Mar 2011 1:19am Here are some simple foot-care tips to relieve foot pain and enjoy a relaxing foot massage with a mini-massage ball for healthy and happy feet. At the end of a good walk, run, or workout, or after a long day at work, do you ever experience tired, sore or achy feet and arches? Being able to prop your feet up and take a break helps, but how ... Read on »
The Oustide of My Foot Really Hurts! by Dr. Marybeth Crane Facebook Posted Thu 20 May 2010 9:43am What is the lateral column of my foot? The lateral column of the foot consists of the calcaneus,the cuboid and 4th and 5th metatarsal bones. Many things can cause you to have lateral column pain including arthritis, biomechanical abnormalities (the way you walk), acute fractures secondary to trauma, or overuse syndrome. There are certain types ... Read on »
SHOES THAT ARE TOO SUPPORTIVE CAN HARM OUR FEET by Marjorie Tietjen Posted Mon 11 Oct 2010 6:31am                Barefoot Shoes For Children and Adults Having dealt with Chronic Lyme disease and associated problems...for over 20 years, I have learned...and am still learning about the many different factors that can affect our overall health. Taking care of our feet isn't just about focusi ... Read on »
Foot pain and digestion by Mike Patten, DC Facebook Posted Thu 02 Sep 2010 12:13pm There is an excess amount of foot pain and problems.  I find a combination of problems when dealing with foot pain.  Foot pain is often chronic in nature.  Many times foot pain is derived from spraining an ankle or a low back injury.  Low back injuries can cause you to limp as well as change your gait pattern causing your weight to shift from o ... Read on »
Foot and Ankle Injuries in Golfers by Dr. Marybeth Crane Facebook Posted Tue 21 Sep 2010 11:17am Most of the time, injuries that occur in the foot and ankle during golf activites are either due to overuse type injuries or traumatic injuries. Overuse injuries are more common and are commonly directly related to the mechanics of the golf swing. The golf swing can be broken down into the following phases: Set up Takeaway Downswing Impa ... Read on »
Massage Helps Foot Pain by Paul B. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 09 Jul 2010 3:24pm Interossi Muscles of Foot – Image from University of Michigan Medical School A client with a diagnosis of capsulitis in his left second metatarsal-phlageal joint presented with constant nagging pain when walking or standing.  I worked on his foot, relaxing and stretching the interosseous muscles – the muscles between the m ... Read on »
IS YOUR FOOT PAIN COMING FROM YOUR BACK PROBLEM, OR IS IT ARTHRITIS?... by Barmac Posted Mon 02 May 2011 2:00pm As you know I am suffering from foot pain in my right foot and have been sent to see a podiatrist to discuss my problems. I've had a cortison injection which didn't help and have now been sent for an xray. Hallux rigidus is essentially a progressive arthritis leading to stiffness and pain in the big toe joints , which is caused by the los ... Read on »