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DB Pullovers | Lat Exercise by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 14 Aug 2009 4:25pm Click to Play DB Pulloves, learn how to do Pullover exercises correctly with Scott White: join today for free: Read on »
Pull Overs | Lat Exercise | Back Training by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 23 Sep 2009 10:01pm Click to Play Pull Over Variations, learn how to train your back muscles. Scott White is a top fitness expert join now: Read on »
Back Exercises: Lat Pull-Down by Wired Berries .. Posted Mon 08 Sep 2008 2:33am The lat pull-down is a machine exercise that works your lats, the latissimus dorsi, or the triangular back muscles that stretch along the ribcage under each arm. If the sides of your ribs feel sore after this exercise, those are your lats. For the seated lat pull-down, sit on the bench and grasp the bar with a wide grip so that your arms reach up i ... Read on »
DB Bent Over Row | Back Exercise by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 30 Jul 2009 10:03pm Click to Play DB bent over row to work the lats, get exercise programs and more for top trainer: Scott White Read on »
The Lat Pulldown – How to Maximize Latissimus Activity by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Mon 06 Sep 2010 3:00am The lat pulldown exercise is such a common exercise that I bet you’d be surprised if I told you that I think you are performing it wrong.  OK, so maybe you aren’t doing it “wrong” but I bet there is a better technique you can perform to maximize our training of the latissimus dorsi muscle.   I think at this point in time, it’s pre ... Read on »
Lats By LANCE! by Lance B. Patient Expert Posted Thu 28 Jan 2010 10:41am Just got back from my haircut appointment today with the best stylist in DC. Ahh, I'm so much better now... I always walk out feeling more handsome and leaner. Yes, leaner! Ever notice when a guy gets a haircut he looks like he just dropped 5 pounds? It totally slims down the face and boosts the confidence - all for the same price. ... Read on »
3 Best Back Exercises Revealed by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Thu 09 Apr 2009 7:12pm Back Exercises Do you suffer from back pain? Or maybe you just want to improve your overall posture and stability. Performing back exercises can reduce your backaches and strengthen the muscles around the spine. Also, it's important to strengthen your back muscles in order to reduce the risk of future injuries during workouts or ... Read on »
Lat Pull Downs by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 09 Jun 2009 11:32am Lat Pull downs are a excellent exercise, this is a great exercise for your upper back muscles. A lat pull down is designed to work the Latissimus Dorsi (wings, or v-shape muscle) Muscle though when performed right this exercise also works the rear deltoids (back part of the shoulders), Rhomboids (the muscles that pinch the shoulder blades), ... Read on »
Lifting after Shoulder Surgery by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 12:10am Q: I've found your articles on T-Nation very informative, and enjoy the format you use to convey your message (with humor!). My specific interest is in the information you provide about your shoulder problems, as you've noticed in the subject line I recently had my shoulder scoped in February to repair a labral tear. I did the require ... Read on »
Exercises That Can Cause More Harm Than Good by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Sat 28 Sep 2013 3:00pm Physical therapist Matt Mikesh with Somers Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Group offers tips about exercises that can cause more harm than good. Exercising is a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy body and mind. This is a commonly known fact and 76% of American adults report that they engage in regular physical activity. Yet acc ... Read on »