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Bikes, Trees, and Lakes by Steven L. Patient Expert Posted Tue 13 Oct 2009 10:01pm Saturday I rode the Harvest Century which started and finished less than a mile from my house. And it wasn’t pretty. My pals Jay and Steve met me at my house at 7AM when it was a balmy 39* and together we rode up to the start area where we were greeted by many, many, many more cyclists than I thought there’d be. It took us nearly 45-minutes t ... Read on »
Financial institutions from the lake inside Diablo III Power Leveling trees and shrubs by runrsgold Posted Sun 30 Dec 2012 5:36am Financial institutions from the lake insideDiablo III Power Levelingtrees and shrubs, there were about three caterpillars, they will rose via distant. This is were prepared to across the river to a position exactly where complete along with flowers. One of these explained: we've got to get the fill, then from your bridge we can ascend more than. On ... Read on »
Snow at Silver Lake by Kristin .. Posted Wed 27 Jun 2012 11:25pm This tree was one of three that had fallen over the trail during the winter and hadn't been moved out of the way. It was much heavier than it looks. We couldn't move it, so we had to lift the stroller over it. a Snow covered trail. We always lov ... Read on »
Taxononsensical information on trees by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 6:15pm It's come to my attention that some people are confusing different flowering trees with the very famous snowball trees. People! Not all trees with white flowers are snowball trees! The flowers have to be in clusters in a somewhat round shape. The trees that have white flowers in an overall, non-clustered pattern are usually wedding lace trees ... Read on »
The Lake by SheriK. Health MavenFacebook Posted Thu 04 Oct 2012 8:45am Inspired by my friend Mrs Teepot, who's celebrating National Poetry Day in the UK, and her wonderful poem , I've decided to post one of my own. As I stumbled through the dark forest of the unknown The sounds fro ... Read on »
Lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka by Robyn C. Patient Expert Posted Mon 17 Dec 2012 6:16am The weather was packing up and the lighting conditions not brilliant but we did what we could. Great place to have a picnic under this tree.. The cloud formations were quite dramatic. The lake a greeny colour, and the beach was all shingle which was very hard to walk on, so because of my ankle, I had to stay in ... Read on »
Twin Lakes and Silliman Pass by Randy Lloyd Posted Sun 07 Oct 2012 2:42pm The larger of the Twin Lakes In summertime the front country of Sequoia National Park is awash with tourists and their associated noise and traffic, but by mid September, it’s much more peaceful and far less populated. Labor Day is past, and most families have headed home from their vacation outings. Many of the campgroun ... Read on »
Young Lakes by Randy Lloyd Posted Wed 19 Aug 2009 6:31pm Having made the reservation on-line at the last minute, I was lucky to get a site at all; so on the day I got there I was assigned whatever campsite was available at Tuolumne Meadows campground. I probably should have just backpacked but didn’t have a permit. On the first night my car’s thermometer had said 31, but the temps got down to 29 degrees ... Read on »
Nelson Lake by Randy Lloyd Posted Sun 06 Nov 2011 2:44pm Echo Creek Whenever I make a return visit to a location as high on my list of favorite-places-on-earth as Yosemite, the sensory experience of being there has the effect of stimulating a host of old memories of really great camping and hiking trips from years past. When planning a day’s hiking, it can be hard to decide whether t ... Read on »
Fresh Starts by BwhoUR Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 03 Nov 2008 8:47pm Sometimes I am not so nice in the morning when my German Shephard, Cala, wakes me up at dawn by licking my face, and then breathing her nasty dog breath right at me, to get me to take her outside. Not only do I have to get out of bed to let her out, I have to accompany her too, or else she'll just sit on the porch, waiting. This is my vie ... Read on »