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Skeletons by HealthyExposures Posted Tue 28 Sep 2010 4:05pm I’ve got some skeletons in my closet. …errr…maybe I just have a lot of blueberries in my freezer. I figured that if anything is going to get me out of my banana + fig rut, it was going to be these blueberries. I know, I know…how are a bunch of freezer-burnt blueberries going to help me? Well – they’re not just a bunch of freezer bur ... Read on »
Skeleton in the Closet by BPChicks Patient Expert Posted Sun 28 Sep 2008 7:43pm I’m notone of them.Not really. I don’t “get it.” Maybe I’m getting there. Doesn’t matter, I’m a bit too old for that. Old? I’m 16 on the inside, 30-something on the outside and realistically on the front side of 40. A grown woman. Should know better. The young d didn’t know any better; but evidently, the grown d ... Read on »
A VEGAN DIET FOR MY PETS? by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 10 Apr 2011 12:00am Well, so much for spring arriving!  Helpful Buckeye shoveled 12" of "springtime" from the driveway yesterday morning and right now (5 AM Sunday morning), the temperature is 7 degrees!  I'm OK with the winter season, but I'm ready to cry "Uncle" right about now.... Several of you asked about the lead photo in last week's issue of Q ... Read on »
Calcium Needs After WLS by Diane S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 12:41pm Calcium is one of the main supplements all bariatric centers require for their post-ops. But just how important is it? If you haven't already read the previous post I did on Vitamins, Medications, and Malabsorption After WLS , take the time to read it now. Calcium plays a very important role in the human body. Being a woman, I pay par ... Read on »
EVOLUTION OF "MAN'S BEST FRIEND" by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 21 Apr 2013 12:00am Archaeology has placed the earliest known domestication of dogs approximately at 30,000 BC, and with certainty at 7,000 BC.  Evidence suggests that dogs were first domesticated in southern East Asia. Due to the difficulty in assessing the structural differences in bones, the identification of a domestic dog based on cultural evide ... Read on »
My week in running and other things... by ndscott Patient Expert Posted Sun 23 Sep 2012 11:48pm I love it when I can sit back on Sunday night and feel like I had a good week.  And this week I did.  It was a good week of running, of training and other things, ending with a great weekend away at the cabin. Here's a little recap In running... Tuesday night I managed to get out to the Houston Trail to meet my Goofy group for a nice 4km r ... Read on »
Recent Research Regarding Potential Best Practices for Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs by Posted Wed 17 Oct 2012 12:00am As this blog has chronicled (see here and here ), New Jersey has begun implementing the 2008 legislation that authorized creation of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (”PMP” or “PDMP”).  Although New Jersey’s PMP database has been collecting dat ... Read on »
Stillbirth: An Interdisciplinary Approach to ‘Closing the Knowledge and Solution Gaps’* by Posted Sun 25 Nov 2012 12:00am Giovanni Bellini, St. Christopher. Panel of St. Vincent Ferrar Polyptych. c. 1464-68, Church of SS.Giovanni e Paolo, Venice, Italy In an article out in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity ... Read on »
How To Read Labels On Fruits And Veggies - Yes They Have Labels by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 4:37pm We hear daily to read labels on packages of food, pet food cleaning products, vitamins and more, but did you know fruits and vegetables have important labels also? Today the banana might not be just an average banana. If you care about how your food is grown the label tells all. As much as we may dislike them, the stickers or labels attach ... Read on »
CMS To Require Study For Off Label Use for Provenge to Evaluate Risk of Strokes as Well as On Label Use as Approved by FDA by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 05 Sep 2010 11:39am The drug is just barely off and running and the treatment is not inexpensive by any means and according to this notice put out by the FDA, they want additional information at CMS on how stroke victims are affected that have received the drug so this appears to be further exploration into the world of immunotherapy treatment to determine what e ... Read on »