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Avoid Knee Pain – Patella Tracking Exercise Tips by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Mon 28 Nov 2011 7:47pm I posted a video on the Centerworks YouTube channel: Knee Exercises to Strengthen Muscles Around the Patella to Avoid Knee Pain , and it’s been one of the highest viewed videos on my channel.  Thanks to everyone that’s tuned in for this knee exercise tip!  Today, I received a question from a viewer, but was unable to get my reply to send, so I ... Read on »
Reduce Chondromalacia Patella Knee Pain with the Kneecap Dance Exercise by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Sun 29 Jun 2014 3:53am Improving Form and Function to Prevent Patella Knee Pain Do you struggle with Chondromalacia Patella Knee Pain? Are you looking for exercises you can do safely to reduce pressure and prevent patella rubbing so you can move, be active, healthy, and pain-free? I received this question from a fan of my Knee Cap Dance Exercise Video on Yo ... Read on »
Knee Exercises for Chondromalacia Patella by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Wed 02 Jul 2014 2:13pm Simple Strategies to Reduce Knee Pain When your knees hurt, doing knee exercises may be the last thing you want to do… But making smart knee exercise choices just might be the solution to help reduce your knee pain. Chondromalacia patella or Patellofemoral syndrome can be a very painful knee condition. The patella (or kneecap) is design ... Read on »
Patella Exercise to Avoid Locked Knees and Reduce Knee Pain by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Thu 28 Jan 2010 11:43am If you’re one of those folks who has a tendency to lock your knees, and may occasionally be bothered with knee pain…  Here’s a video with a quick and easy exercise you can practice just about anywhere to help strengthen the muscles around the knee joint, become more aware of the difference between a locked and unlocked knee, and learn how to st ... Read on »
Total Joint Replacement Educational Series Part 19: Can Quadriceps (thigh muscle) Strengthening Help Knee Arthritis? by Dr. Tony DiGioia Medical Doctor Posted Sat 02 May 2009 10:34pm Several studies have had mixed results about the benefits of quadriceps strength on knee arthritis.   Some show that weaker quadriceps are associated with greater knee pain and impaired function while others do not show a difference.   Most of the studies, however, focus on the main part of the knee where the femur (thigh) and tibia (shin) bo ... Read on »
Jeremy Lin had Jumpers Knee by osteon80 Facebook Posted Tue 10 Apr 2012 11:53am Jeremy Lin had Jumpers Knee Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 Jeremy Lin who plays for the Knicks had Jumpers Knee. Your kneecap (patella) sits over the front of your knee joint. As you bend or straighten your knee, the underside of the patella glides over the bones that make up the knee. Strong tendons help attach the patella to the bones an ... Read on »
Knee Pain by Kris K. Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 4:04am The Knee (compliments of Yoga can help or cause knee pain. The key is alignment. This is one of the reasons working with a knowledgeable teacher is so helpful. In general, keep the knee cap ( patella ) in the same direction as the middle and 2d toe. Never put weight on the knee when it is past the toes. That is, when l ... Read on »
Can You Prevent Runner's Knee by Doug K. Patient Expert Posted Wed 02 Dec 2009 12:10pm If you're a runner (and even if you're not), you may have run into Runner's Knee. It's formally known as Patellofemoral Syndrome or Chondromalacia Patella - terms often used for pain on the front of or under your knee cap (patella). Runner's Knee hits about 25% of all physically active people and can be a frustrating thi ... Read on »
Simple Seated Knee Exercise by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Thu 09 Aug 2012 9:30am Strengthen the Quadriceps & Improve Patella (knee cap) Tracking to Help Reduce Knee Pain This is the second knee exercise in the “TV” Knee Series to help strengthen the muscles around the knees especially the Quadriceps and also improve tracking of the Patella (knee cap) as you straighten the leg.  This is a simple knee exercise that you ca ... Read on »
Don't Run Due to Knee Pain? Read on! by RunnerDude Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 30 Oct 2009 11:01pm More than not, the reason a non-runner tells me he doesn't run is due to knee pain. "Oh I'd run, but I have bad knees." "My knees just can't take the pounding." It's not just non-runners, though. Former runners will often say the reason they no longer run is due to "bad knees." Knee problems are often blamed on the constant pounding that ... Read on »