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Update on Knee Injury / Recovery - or Meet My Tailor Empathy by Doug K. Patient Expert Posted Mon 24 May 2010 4:24pm Yep. The process of recovery, restoration, and re-training for my right knee has officially begun - again. To get the latest on my knee, click here . Otherwise, feel free to delete. In this age (does that make me sound terribly old?), I have a hard time figuring out what's news, too much news, personal, and too personal. I ha ... Read on »
Runner’s Tech: BRD Sport G18 Knee Brace Review by irunnerblog Posted Thu 24 May 2012 12:00pm Contrary to popular misconception, running is not bad for your knee – at least no worse than other sports. But knee injuries are still common in runners regardless of what researchers may say. For runners, one way to add structural support to the knee – particularly in rehabilitating from ligament injuries- is the use of a knee brace. I rece ... Read on »
Physical Therapy Exercises for Knee Injury by hqbk Posted Mon 06 Aug 2012 7:59am Physical therapy exercises are an important aspect of treatment for effective knee injury recovery. Physical therapists educate their patients about their knee problems or injuries and provide them with instructions on how to perform exercises. This will assist in both making their knees stronger as well as restoring function to those areas ... Read on »
he had a small injury to his knee by ztaibaba Posted Tue 05 Feb 2013 2:37am   It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Flexibility is a crucial element in avoiding injury, and core strength, many feel, is the fundamental basis ofauthentic nfl jerseys all conditioning. I've got a pretty cool tool I've created via Excel for fundamental analysis. Soon after, eight ... Read on »
creating new habits for better recovery and injury reduction by Kiley M. Posted Mon 01 Jul 2013 11:49am TODAY’S RUN: I pleasantly surprised myself with a great run this morning. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to run because I got going late and I didn’t want to make my man too late for work (he can actually go in whenever he wants, but prefers to go earlier than later). I decided I would run out for 15 minutes, then turn around and run back ... Read on »
Treating cruciate ligament injuries by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Posted Tue 07 Jan 2014 6:58am English football fans will be disheartened by the news that the ruptured anterior cruciate ligament injury suffered by Theo Walcott at the weekend will in all likelihood mean that he will miss the World Cup in Brazil this summer. Injuries to the knee are of course extremely common in people participating ... Read on »
5 Best Leg Exercises for Rehabbing a Knee by Kodjoworkout Posted Sat 04 May 2013 7:57am Knee injuries are never fun. We never fully realize how important such a small joint system is to our body until we are forced not to use it. For the avid exercise enthusiast rehabbing a knee can be the most tedious process in the world. Whether the injury is a torn meniscus, torn ligament, or a case of tendinitis around the knee, it is i ... Read on »
Running with Bad Knees... by Keri B. Posted Wed 04 Aug 2010 4:15am Yes, it is possible! I have been getting many questions/emails from readers asking for suggestions for running with bad knees. Many people, it seems, want to run but find the impact too hard on the body, specifically, the knees. Fortunately, I have not *yet* had to deal with any major knee problems first hand. I have felt the occasional "runne ... Read on »
Are Cortisone Shots an Effective and Safe Treatment Option for Running Injuries? by runnersconnect Posted Tue 15 Jan 2013 6:00am Last time, we looked at the role of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in running injuries . Because injuries to tendons, which connect tissue to bone, and fascia, the web of  collagen that surrounds muscles and internal organs, seem to be more degenerative than inflammatory, there is not a lot of good evidence that NSAIDs like Advil or ... Read on »
Update: Knee Injury by Carissa Fit2flex Facebook Posted Thu 19 Apr 2012 7:25am Yesterday was a big milestone in my running recovery ! I ran 3 miles!  <insert cheers and applause here> It wasn't totally pain free. I felt some tightness in my knee around the 2.2 mile mark, but I really wanted to hit 3 miles so I finished.  I wore my Mueller IT band strap and I'm pretty sure that bad boy makes a world of difference. ... Read on »